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Jun 27, 2009 07:36 AM

Good Cocktails near Washington Sq Park

Any bars that specialize in craft cocktails in the area?

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  1. Gotham Bar & Grill on 12st street, known for excellent french-american cuisine, is one I would check out. Possibly Blue Hill, which is right next to the park on the west side, but unless there are open seats at the bar, might be a little cramped.

    1. I would avoid the bar at the corner of Macdougal and Waverly Pl, by the Wash Sq Hotel. It's subterranean and the service is really bad. Knickerbocker's on University Pl & 9th St has a really good vibe and they have a liberal hand when mixing.

      1. Little Branch, another of Sasha Petraske's ventures, is located not far from the park. Elettaria would be closer however, being just a block up from Washington Square North. The specialty drinks are quite good, but I do love the care and craft they put into classics like the pisco sour or negroni. I've been meaning to try some of their other concoctions with vegetable bitters in the near future.

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          I agree with Elettaria, nice cocktails and a $4 bar snacks menu.

        2. Pegu Club is right nearby--77 W Houston, between Wooster and and W Broadway. Flatiron Lounge is only a 7-10 minute walk away(19th btwn 5th and 6th), D&C, Mayahuel and PDT are 10 minute-ish walkable too. Pegu is the closest though.

          1. The Dove is one block from WSP at 228 Thompson St.