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Best Small out of the way place?

I am looking for the best small out of the way place for good food. It has to be out of the city for a road trip. but anywhere in Washington a place to get away and enjoy!!

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  1. Xingh's in Shelton. Worth the drive--from anywhere.

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      I second this suggestion, but it's spelled Xinh's....


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        Have to say, went to Xinh's on this recommendation and wasn't impressed by the food. If you're in need of food and you happen to be around Shelton (we were), it's decent but certainly not memorable. The owner's story is definitely memorable, however, and it's great to support the business that she runs.

        I'll stick with the pasta and other Western styled foods if I go there again, since the Asian dishes are too Americanized for me.

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          I'll have to disagree since I just went there tonight. The food would be impressive anywhere. I'll post about it later when I have more time, as I am driving my way up the coast, but it is as good as I remember it. However, I will have to say that one of my family members isn't a fusion person regardless of how its prepared, so it is something to keep in mind...

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            I have to agree to the extent that I know only two menu items. We recently had a plate of the mussels in curry and a non decript noodle dish with vegs and shrimp. We probably shouldn't have ordered the noodles knowing that the shellfish are the strength of their menu. But we had filled up on razor clams the night before so didn't order any of the clam items. The mussels themselves were nice plump little ones that tasted quite fresh but the curry sauce was not exciting, especially as compared to the excellent choices for asian seafood dishes in Seattle. They seem to have a close connection to Taylor Shellfish and I'm sure that the oysters and clams are very good, especially in season. The room was pleasant enough but the prices were quite high, especially for Shelton, at $19 a plate. My glass of Pinot Gris was quite good. I think I might go again for oysters on the shell as i am often in the area.

        2. Try search the Internet ... mountain resorts ... in Alaska? Where there are no TV but just the roaring mountains as a backdrop and lots of good work out ... got legs? then just go...

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              Is Rose's Seafood or what some type of specialty food?

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                From the Orcas website:
                Artisan breads baked in-house, full selection of fine wines and cheeses, gourmet groceries, kitchenware, chocolates and more. The cafe offers fresh seasonal local produce, baked goods, soups, salads, and sandwiches. Daily specials. Located in the old Eastsound fire station next to Library Park.

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                  Really? Rose's > Christina's?

                  I'll grant that they can seem a little snooty at Christina's, but food wise, they're top notch (certainly a notch above Rose's....

            2. Head over to the Shrimp Shack up in Anacortes (http://shrimpshack.us/) for some of the sweetest shrimp you'll ever eat and some great seafood sandwhiches, then grab a slice of pie a la mode from Whhidbey Pies Cafe at Greenbank farm (http://www.greenbankfarm.com/shop.cfm).

              While you're up there, take a hike around deceptions pass, explore Whidbey Island's beaches and small u-pick berry farms, and maybe even stop by Penn Cove for some shellfish.

              Makes for a great day trip away from the city.

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                  It's pretty fun! I do this route at least once each summer, usually driving up through deceptions pass (passing by the shrim pshack) which drops you on one end of Whidbey Island then driving down the length the island (stopping for pie, berries, shelfish, etc) until you get to the ferry terminal on the other end which brings you back to I-5.

                  Tulalip is on the way back too if you wanna squeeze in some gaming or outlet shopping into the day.

              1. Bistro San Martin in Arlington. A great place to stop on the way back to Seattle after a road trip up north.


                1. Ok that sonds great now how about the next direction. East? Like over one of the passes or towards the mountains? Going to try and do seveeral road trips just for food and good out of the way places.

                  1. I absolutely love Toby's in Coupeville on Whidbey. It is a dive bar that serves awesome oyster shooters and Penn Cove mussels. In season, they do a great Halibut and Chips. I also love the Water Street Brewery in Port Townsend. Their food has always impressed me... the best cioppino I have ever had.

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                      Water Street Brewery in PT is - sadly - closed.

                      Water Street Cafe
                      610 Water St, Olympia, WA 98501

                    2. Check out Patit Creek in Dayton, Wa. Looks like a house on the side of the road with ten tables inside. This is truly an awesome out of the way place.

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                        This is the first place that came to my mind, too. Great, out of the way place.

                      2. Rhodedendron Cafe in Bow; or the Oyster Creek Inn, also in Bow. Beautiful drive!

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                          Oyster Creek has been closed for some time now.

                        2. I love the town of Langley on Whidbey Island! It is a great place for a day trip. On two occasions, I have had a great lunch at Prima Bistro.

                          1. I also heard of some great barbeque place in Granite Falls but do not know the Name of the place.

                            1. Take a glorious drive over the North Cascades Highway. Two hours from Seattle stop for a potty break at Cascadian Farms and have some fresh berry shortcake or ice cream. Then truck on to the Methow Valley and head for the little town of Twisp.

                              On Glover Street (the main street in town) look for Tappi's. It's a small place open only for dinners Fri-Sun. A wood fired oven is used for great pizzas and steaks, and for finishing off most everything on the fairly short menu. The lasagna is fantastic, as is the Friday night jazz. (Music sometimes on other nights.) You can get local, grass-fed beef steaks if you're into meat.

                              Call Methow Valley Central Reservations for a place to stay, or check the Internet yourself.

                              If you go out or come back via Hwy 2 through Wenatchee to Stevens Pass or Snoqualamie Pass, the midway potty stop is the Anjou Bakery in Cashmere. A wonderful little bakery with great crusty breads and berry pies, among other things. Just don't ask for mustard on their sandwiches. They don't believe in it. Not open Tues or Wed.

                              1. Rexville Grocery, near Mt Vernon, for weekend breakfast and some fun shopping