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Jun 27, 2009 05:57 AM

Chinese fine dining in OC/MC

Is there such a thing in Ocean or Monmouth counties or ? Something beyond the usual Chinese/Asian restaurant dining experience.

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  1. Haven't been since they reopened, but we used to love Peking Pavillion on Rt 33 just west of Freehold.

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    1. re: shorebilly

      shorebilly ...I haven't been there since either, but I thought now since reopened it's a Buffet? I'm talking about taking it up a notch from the normal Chinese fare with a good executive innovative chef doing interesting, creative things with Chinese food.


      1. re: Tapas52

        Peking Pavillion is not a buffet. A few of us from work took a client there recently and I must say it was quite good.
        I did not write about it because I was not focusing on the food but everthing was distinctive, nicely presented and nice flavors.
        The dining areas are very attractive. Prices are higher than your average Chinese restaurant.
        Wife and I plan to go back for a more relaxed evening soon.

        1. re: tom246

          I must say from the Website, it looks Very nice! Sure ain't no buffet!

          1. re: tom246

            Ok Great I'll check it out ASAP!!