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Jun 27, 2009 04:27 AM

Looking for the best Maine food!

I am a import from Wisconsin and love maine and food. I work on a farm in whitefield (near augusta) Maine, where I raise and live for the best food. We deliver to some restaurants, which I have eaten at most, but I am always looking for my next food experience. Any suggestions for food field trips, events or great restaurants in Maine? I have eaten at Fore street ( my fav), hugos, local 188, duckfat, hot supa, flatbread....ebenezers ( bar in lovel maine, and heaven for all beer lovers...highly highly suggested) ....lobster 1893... So any help from the locals or otherwise would be great!!!! I you would like my opinions in the above restaurants I would be ahppy to share!!!!

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  1. Been out to John's in Liberty for ice cream? How about The Liberal Cup in Hallowell, that's pretty easy from Whitefield. Waterman's Lobster near Owl's Head is open for the season, that would be a nice afternoon ride.

    1. Love the liberal cup! Will definitely check out the others- Thanks alot jackattack!

      1. Don't know if you go as far afield as the Camden/Rockland area, but Francine Bistro in Camden is really nice, and Primo in Rockland is great too, although more formal and pricier than Francine. And I can't say enough about Duckfat in Portland - we had lunch there yesterday and I'm already thinking about when we'll go back!

        1. The original comment has been removed