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Caterer or Chef for Small Dinner Party in Hollywood Hills

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I want to throw a series of small dinner parties (4-8 people) in an elegant home in the Hollywood Hills to which I have access for the summer.

Any food is fine,as long as it is great food. It seems like most caterers and cooks don't want small assignments, but perhaps in this economy,there is more flexibility . . .

Any suggestions? For one of the dinners, Japanese would be great as one of the guests will be Japanese, but really any kind of cuisine is fine.

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  1. Call Candy at CHAYA BRASSERIE. We had a great experience with her catering and there certainly is an Asian bent to their menu.

    1. Larchmont Larder. Chef/Owner Michael Beglinger formerly of Spago and Patina.


      1. I've had some amazing and special dinners at friends houses that have been catered by Brian Wolff - he cooks over at AOC & Lucque.