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Jun 26, 2009 09:18 PM

Mofongo in San Diego

I see Tony Bourdain and then Guy Fieri talking about Mofongo. Two different networks raving about it, so I got o try it. Does anyone know of any restaurants in San Diego than makes it?

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  1. No, but I would be interested too, Saw the same shows.

    1. I would talk to the folks at Tropical Star who are puertoriquenos. Last time I had it was at one of the bay areas few pr restaurants - Sol Food in San Rafael.

      1. Arrgh, went looking for the nefarious mofongo in a recent San Juan Puerto Rico visit and Caribbean Chowhounders directed me to the alleged best spot in town. It was a total gut bomb terrible food item.

        There was absolutely nothing redeeming about it and it costs way too much at the same time - about $14 dollars for an ugly pile of dense doughy base, flavorless brittle former meat pieces, piles of under-prepared greasy onions and perfectly awful sauces that offered nothing to bring the variety of flavors and textures together no matter what combination of sauces or meat/fish were ordered.

        Death to the Mofongo.

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        1. Granted the ingredients tantalized, but the execution I suffered was deadly. I am a foodie. No bigot here. I love travelling for unique tastes. I go out of my way for them.This was an unremediable gut bomb. Even reading your description makes me want to believe again -- hope triumphing over experience.

          Granted, rather than plantians I think our vresion was made with cassava, as noticed on the menu. Pasty glop may well have been the cassava contribution, but the entire rest of the dish had nothing to distinguish it even if one picked beyond the cassava glop.

          6 well-travelled foodies who had various meat accompaniments and different proffered sauces all gave it one huge thumbs down --- in the Land of Mofongo ...SJ/PR.

          I promise if I am promised plantian instead of cassava, I might try it again. But glad this will most likely not be a remote possibility in my near traveling and continuing foodie exploration history.

          Caveat Emptor; Beware the budding Mofongo Mania. You may live to regret it.

          1. re: glbtrtr

            I would suggest trying the plantain mofongo, the only mofongo we had in PR. It was simply done w/ garlic and mashed plantains. Really good, not gloppy AT ALL. It was, as expected, quite starchy. The best non-touristy food (mofongo included) we had in San Juan was at a local hole in the wall w/ "Jibarito" in the name.

        2. The plantain mofongo is great if correctly prepared and eaten hot!

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          1. I think that place Mangu's downtown has it.

            I haven't tried it.