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Jun 26, 2009 08:55 PM

Best French Restaurant in Mexico City.

I am looking for some recommendations about a good French Restaurant in Mexico city...

I am going to be in Mexico for a week...

Thanks Everyone...


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  1. I have only been living here a couple of months, but I know and like the food at Le Bouchon in Polanco very much. Bistrot Mosaico (there are 5 or 6 of them around town owned by the same people who own Champs d'Elysee...a super-serious and formal French restaurant on Reforma that I don't like that much...mostly for the formality, food isn't bad) is French with a Mexican twist and always pleasant.

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    1. re: newintown2

      What is your favorite location of the Bistrot Mosaico?

      I am looking for a good Foie G...

      1. re: josephml1

        I like the one in Condesa for personal convenience, but the one in San Angel is in a beautiful location/building. I haven't had foie at any Mosacio and I have at Le Bouchon, where it is truly excellent.

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          Foie Grass yes definitve I will Try it...

    2. I have heard good comments from close friends about two restaurants 1- Au Pied de Cochon, Hotel Presidente Intercontinental, Polanco. 2- Le Petit Resto, Ave. San Antonio 100, Colonia Nápoles, this one is samll and casual.... Does anyone has been to Les Moustaches lately? It´s has a long tradition...I´ve been to Le Bistrot Littéraire at La Librería Francesa, Colonia San Angel, and I had a very good time. I´ve been also to Mosaico in Condesa, close to Especia...maybe it has to do with my order, but it seems to me like if i had been to a Spanish memories of Mosaico are lot´s of olive oil, garlic, toast, red wine...

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        Yes, I have tried Au pied de Cochon is very good and is open 24 hours...amazing wine list.

      2. A very good place is Les Moustaches, if it still exists. I don't remember the street, but it is maybe a couple blocks away from the American Embassy and the Sheraton and Towers Hotel in Reforma.

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          Yes i checked and they also have a Internet page, the menu looks good thanks for sharing...

          They are if Rio cuahutemoc.

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            I've been to Fouquet's in Paris and there was one in Mexico City. If it's still there, it's sumptuous.