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Jun 26, 2009 03:30 PM

Where are the unknown restaurants?

I've posted up two reviews of semi-hole in the wall good eats places, and a few others have as well, but no real responses to them. No one else out there saying thank you or that we are crazy for having tried it.

I thought thats what chowhound was about? Finding places like sweet basil cafe, that back in the day no one even knew existed. They struggled to make good food and we played the word of mouth game. Now this list is fading into a combination of mediocraty with a random super well known high dollar place taking everyone's fancy.

I like me some steak, and I like me some 2941 but we can talk about the joint down the street that just does good food as well, like picante in chantilly. There are a few more korean places in chantilly that just opened up, anyone been?

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  1. Where's Chantilly?

    Just kidding. But it's waaay far from the center of DC and not Metro-accessible. Same for Sweet Basil in Herndon.
    It could be that most of the people who post on the DC/Balt board aren't inclined to travel that far for casual meals. Maybe Inn at Little Washington for a major occasion but not a Tuesday night.
    Yeah, we're supposed to be very interested in food, but in an area like this, there are a lot of choices very much closer to where we live and work....
    We haven't even tried all of those yet.

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      The digression about geographic reach of the D.C./Baltimore board has been moved here:

    2. Point taken. I will try to get out to El Estribo and Don Churro, two places which you have recommended, it's just that I am not in that neck of the woods too often.

      I have done some reconnaissance work at Eden Center (a very good place to explore) and Annandale.

      Like most folks, I try to explore In my own backyard and then take recs from Chowhound when I am in other areas.

      1. The original comment has been removed