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Jun 26, 2009 02:41 PM

Grocery shopping in Calgary

We will be on vacation in the Banff National Park for over a week and since we will be staying in a condo, we'd like to pick up a few grocery staples and vacation "treats" (cheeses, salamis, etc) before leaving Calgary and heading to the park.

I've read the posts about Safeway, and that doesn't seem like a very good option (I don't shop them here in California either!) - but if someone in that area has other markets they do recommend, and even specialty markets - we'd appreciate your input. Thanks!

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  1. Where will you be staying in Calgary? or will you be flying into Calgary, picking up your groceries and heading out?

    If you're coming into the airport, then heading out to Banff, I would suggest staying in the north end of the city. You can leave the airport, via Barlow Trail and head onto Country Hills Blvd. Superstore is your best bet for staples and their prices are competitive. There is a store just off of Country Hills Blvd. They do have a wide variety of cheeses and cold cuts as well, but the cheeses are in moderate sized packages, so you can't just buy a slice or two of whatever. But they do have a nice selection. They also have some excellent items under their "President's Choice" brand such as organics, sauces, etc., and their bakery carries very good fresh-made breads, such as their baguettes, olive miche, ciabatta, and foccacia. I personally would not buy meat from Superstore, sometimes it's not the best quality -- but their prices are competitive.

    There is also a Costco (if you are a member) on Sarcee Trail, about 2-3 minutes north of Country Hills Blvd. It is very similar to the Costcos in the US -- you can pick up some staples, and prepared items if you like, such as salads and entrees.

    You would head down Country Hills Blvd to Stoney Trail out to Banff. About 10 minutes south of Stoney Trail, I recommend Sunterra Market for meat. Their meat is high-quality and much of it is from their own farms. They also carry many gourmet items and have a nice selection of cold cuts, pates, and cheeses. Here they slice cheese to whatever amount you want to purchase. Many of their cold cuts, bacon and sausages are local, from Valbella meats in Canmore.

    Have a great time in Banff!

    1. Very near the airport is The Italian Store (to some, known as Scarpones, an adjacent wholesaler)
      5140 Skyline Way NE
      Calgary, AB T2E 6V1
      (403) 275-3300
      Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

      Great deli - fabulous salamis, cheese, both domestic and imported, some Spanish specialties such as Manchego cheese and Jamón serrano. I'm talking hard European style Salamis, not the stuff stocked in chain supermarkets. And don't just pay attention to the deli, which is staffed, there is gold to be found in the adjacent coolers. The same applies to their cheeses. After shopping there you could head to a chain supermarket to purchase the rest of your food.

      driving instructions from Calgary International Airport

      Whoops, apologies if you are not flying in!!

      1. for charcuterie you must, MUST check out L'Epicerie, which is a little south of downtown.

        1325 1 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5L1, CA

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          Thanks so very much to all who have responded so far. This is a terrific way to get info when traveling in an unfamiliar area. We will actually be driving in from the US, so we can manage to get to any or all of the above recommended grocers! It is, after all, vacation (!!), so I don't plan to do a whole lot of cooking! But it is always nice to have some wonderful treats to "nosh" on or pack a picnic! Thanks again for your suggestions!

        2. Since you mentioned treats I'd suggest:

          Janice Beaton Fine Cheese(several locations), Manuel Latruwe for croissants and other beautiful patisseries (which is next to L'Epicerie and in the same strip as Bernard Callebaut, a renowned local belgian chocolatier). For staple groceries I usually shop at Real Canadian Superstore, and others here like Co-op, particularly their Mid-town Market.... and if you're in Calgary Fri-Sun I'd suggest a trip to the Calgary Farmer's Market for a whole host of goodies including some of the city's best espresso at Phil & Sebastian's, patisserie at Ladybug, bread from Rustic Sourdough Bakery, nuts from "Going Nuts" and cheeses from Sylvan Star.....

          Janice Beaton:
          Manuel Latruwe:
          Bernard Callebaut:
          Calgary Farmer's Market:

          1. check out the Railway Deli in Canmore (about 20 minutes east of banff).