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Jun 26, 2009 02:12 PM

Grill 23 Dress Code

Heading to Grill 23 tomorrow night and was wondering what appropritae dress would be as the website states jackets preferred. I've been to some of the other steakhouses in town and jeans with a button- down is usually more than acceptable. If its 80 degrees tomorrow would jeans a button-down and leather sandals be ok.

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  1. "Appropriate" vs. "what they'll actually turn you away for" are two different things. I was in Grill 23 recently and saw many men (probably the majority of them) without jackets, though I don't think I saw anything less than a collared shirt (dress shirt, collared sport shirt, or golf shirt). Don't recall if folks were in jeans or not, but I'd guess that there were some. The only place I know that enforces the jackets rule any more is Locke-Ober.

    On the other hand, I don't think men should ever wear sandals into a fine dining restaurant. Not sure how Grill 23 feels about that. I'd call them to be sure.

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      Although Locke-Ober has a dress-code, I do not believe that jackets are part of it anymore. I think that pretty much says it all about the demise of dress-codes in Boston (although not just Boston, to be fair).

      I'm sure you won't be turned away, and then it's a matter of what makes you comfortable and happy. Personally, I like what I'm wearing to somehow reflect the mood of what I'm eating, but I don't begrudge someone who wants to enjoy a luxurious meal in sweatpants.

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        I cite Locke-Ober because I was dining there recently and saw someone who was well-dressed but without a jacket try unsuccessfully to get seated in the dining room on a night when the place was half full. The maitre'd was adamant, directed him to the bar (the guy obviously felt insulted and left.) Hard to imagine how any place could turn away the business in these times, but L-O is definitely enforcing its jackets-required policy at least some of the time. By contrast, a lot of places I recall formerly being strict on it have given up: L'Espalier, Oak Room, Bar at the Taj.

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          Wow, very interesting. Their website no longer cites jackets required in their dress-code and when I was there a few weeks ago, on the night of Harvard's graduation, I remember a few men not wearing jackets (but otherwise well dressed) although most were. I like the maitre'd, and I'm surprised by this. Is it possible that he violated one of the other tenets of the stated dress code?

          I really do like Locke-Ober, by the way. It was full of Harvard's graduation, but I got the impression that they may not be doing so well otherwise recently though.

          I also remember eating at L'Espalier (the old location) without a jacket once, and my guest was wearing jeans --- the result of trying to surprise someone and not telling her exactly where we were going. We couldn't have been made to feel any more comfortable there, however.

          As much as I really do like elegance and formality in dining, I also appreciate it immensely when a restaurant treats everyone the same, regardless of how they are dressed or how much they spend.

          1. re: lipoff

            The website has definitely changed recently: "business casual"?! Maybe the policy has, too.

            L'Espalier has gotten extremely lax since its move to the Mandarin, in a way that goes too far -- I think it really detracts from the experience. Possibly the price of the move, with hotel guests being allowed in wearing whatever (and they do wear whatever).


    2. I think that jeans, even nice jeans, are casual and you might be better in dress pants, or even nice khaki pants ( which will be cooler than jeans anyway). And I would wear a dress shirt. I think dress shoes might be better. Either way, I am sure they would never turn you away. enjoy your meal there

      1. Jeans no, sandals no, something like Dockers, a button down shirt and shoes, passable.

        1. I dined there a little under 2 yrs ago and was shocked at how casually some of the patrons were dressed. There were definitely people in jeans - in fact, the couple at the table next to us were both in jeans. I also saw people in shorts and sandals. My DC and I specifically dressed up to dine there and while I would recommend you go that route as it is more appropriate considering the caliber of restaurant, I'm sure you will be fine in jeans and a button-down as well.

          1. acceptable vs. appropriate. regardless of the outside temp, you will be dining inside, in a/c, on saturday night.

            honestly, aren't nice chinos or dockers lighter weight than jeans?


            a collared shirt, slacks with a crease and closed toed shoes -- NOT sneakers. you can carry your sportcoat if it's hot and don it once indoors.

            why reduce to the lowest denominator? just because some guys eat out in sweat pants, ya know?