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Jun 26, 2009 02:09 PM

is there anything similar to ante's in san pedro (croatian/dalmatian cuisine) around town?

ante's is fun, but wondering if there are any alternatives for dalmatian cuisine within driving distance. so far haven't been able to turn up much, but if anyone knows of a menu with good octopus salad, fish soup, or any mediterranean-style grilled whitefish dishes (any italian or greek come close? if you know what i'm talking about...) similar to what might be found along the adriatic coast of croatia, i'm all ears! thanks!

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  1. I haven't found any other Croatian around LA.

    Hmm...who makes good coastal Italian food? I'm drawing a blank.

    1. Must be something in the San Pedro area?

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        ah sorry! my title was a bit of a grammatical fail. i meant anywhere in LA or southern california. i called it "ante's in san pedro" simply because i almost never have any other reason to go down there. XD

      2. Have you tried Aroma Cafe in WLA? We have not been but I recall seeing it talked about here and reading that it has Croatian food.

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          Bosnian food! Wars have been fought over the difference. And not that long ago.

        2. Divino in Brentwood has a range of tastes of the Adriatic - Croatia, Montenegro, etc. Goran, the owner, hails from the region and has a passion for its food and wine. Did you know the Grgich Hills winery has a Croatian outpost? There are always a few items on the menu with a "discovered on my last visit to Croatia" mark next to them.

          The pizzas are good, and the custard with caramel sauce for dessert is spectacular.

          11714 Barrington Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90049