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treat for post 75 mile road bike ride

hi all! my bf is doing a 125 mile charity bike ride with a team of 5 this weekend. the first day is 75 miles and i want to go surprise him and team at the finish line. i'd love to bring some individual sized treats for them but want something that will have dual purpose: that will bring smiles to their faces but also give them a little boost after what i'm sure will be an exhausting day! any ideas? was thinking cookies of some sort - they are having a bbq for the teams so there will be food, this would just be an added little bonus - any help is appreciated!

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  1. I don't have any specific suggestions, but I do have some guidelines. First, something high in fat content will help them recover. Second, nothing that is dry or overly chewy - they'll probably be trying to consume all the liquids they can, and dry/chewy would only compound their drymouth issues. Third, some protein is also a good idea.

    1. I made these once for a friend who wanted Oatmeal bars and I just don't make them often. So I used this recipe.

      I did add nuts and I subbed some baby apple sauce for the oil. Turned out great, hearty, I made small ones and stuffed them with a good vanilla ice cream and and topped with another cooked and then rolled the sides in the same nuts. I took these to a picnic. I froze them over night and then wrapped them in foil and puts lots of cold packs and ice. 8 hours later they were still froze. They were a great flavor.


      Also a good hearty oatmeal peanut butter and chocolate cookie bar is sweet and simple.

      Frozen fruit treats are also good but melt quicker than the ice cream sandwiches.

      I also like a ginger based cookie with a lemon cream and raspberry jelly. It is easy and good storage and a nice sweetness but not over whelming. I can send the recipe if you want. It is a double layer cookie and really fun to make. Easy transport and keeps well.

      1. I was thinking something cold and wet or frozen. Could you make popsicles using a Bullshot mix without the vodka? That would have protein that ricepad suggests. Or snow-cones with frozen Gatorade scraped like granita. Does Gatorade even freeze? Is there something much better? I'm sure either would require some logistical problems and probably the need for a couple blocks of dry ice. I do love the idea of surprising them at the first day finish line, but you do realize they're going to be beat and a small token will go a long way.

        1. If you can keep them frozen nut gelato pops! Not too sweet, but cold and a small treat. Assuming they can tolerate dairy OK.

          I wouldn't do gatorade or bars at the end of the race b/c those flvors are what many cyclists (at least me) subsist on for long ride. I just want something different at the end!

          I always want tacos or Indian at the end, but that's just me! Fresh fruit is always very nice too - something perfectly ripe and in season. Bring chocolate to dip it in if you want a special treat.

          1. Seriously, nothing tastes better after a long ride than an ice cold beer.

            1. If you go for cookies, strong flavors and textures (e.g,. choco chip) will register better than delicate ones (e.g., sugar cookies). Your taste buds are pretty dead after 75 miles, and you've also had your fill of peanut butter, bananas, and anything fruity flavored or that otherwise even vaguely resembles Gatorade. I second the suggestion to stay away from dry things. You might consider something salty and sweet, such as the matzoh crunch that's the topic of several threads on this site--I make them with soda crackers--or maybe roasted nuts with sugar and spices and salt (I messed with a Martha recipe for roasted nuts with brown sugar and rosemary and kosher salt that disappears whenever I serve/bring them).

              Frankly, the reason I ride is so that I can eat like a teenager, both in terms of quantity and quality--I do *not* want a salad after a ride, give me a burger and some salt and vinegar potato chips!

              1. I ride these kinds of distances on a regular basis and I love the idea of someone greeting me with a little treat after a ride. They'll get plenty of fat and protein from the post ride BBQ, so don't worry about nutrition too much. You burn about 3000 calories on a 75 mile ride, so anything goes.

                I suggest a mix of different treats since there are several riders. You'll find that everybody is different after a ride. Some want sugary snacks, others want salty, some want solid food, some want something chewy, others can't tolerate anything solid right away. I can't eat anything solid & crunchy for about a half hour after a long ride. Their rest stops will likely be stocked with fruit, cookies, crackers, pretzels, potatoes, and PB&J. But those are almost always store bought, bulk items and not very good. So anything homemade will be a very welcome treat. It'll be more the gesture that makes them happy than anything else. Just be sure to bring some variety if you want everyone to have something they can enjoy right away. And don't be offended if they save it for later.

                A few suggestions for treats: banana bread, homemade trail mix in little baggies, beef jerkey (some people are jonesing for protein and love it after a ride), chocolate milk (the only thing I want immediately after a ride), homemade pita chips with olive oil & zatar.

                Pack a little cooler with 4 or 5 different items in individual servings. They will love you for it.

                1. Chocolate milk (or a smoothie made with chocolate syrup)

                  1. you guys are the best! these were great suggestions / ideas. Shane: I used your idea to bring individually packaged varied snacks. i used kchurchill's suggestion and made a cookie bar with peanut butter & chocolate chips and walnuts. also trail mix. AND, nimeye, i did take them on a beer run (which i'm amazed their team had the stamina!) it was great to go surprise them - it was such an amazing cause and feat and i'm glad i could show my support - thanks to all!

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