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Jun 26, 2009 01:49 PM

treat for post 75 mile road bike ride

hi all! my bf is doing a 125 mile charity bike ride with a team of 5 this weekend. the first day is 75 miles and i want to go surprise him and team at the finish line. i'd love to bring some individual sized treats for them but want something that will have dual purpose: that will bring smiles to their faces but also give them a little boost after what i'm sure will be an exhausting day! any ideas? was thinking cookies of some sort - they are having a bbq for the teams so there will be food, this would just be an added little bonus - any help is appreciated!

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  1. I don't have any specific suggestions, but I do have some guidelines. First, something high in fat content will help them recover. Second, nothing that is dry or overly chewy - they'll probably be trying to consume all the liquids they can, and dry/chewy would only compound their drymouth issues. Third, some protein is also a good idea.

    1. I made these once for a friend who wanted Oatmeal bars and I just don't make them often. So I used this recipe.

      I did add nuts and I subbed some baby apple sauce for the oil. Turned out great, hearty, I made small ones and stuffed them with a good vanilla ice cream and and topped with another cooked and then rolled the sides in the same nuts. I took these to a picnic. I froze them over night and then wrapped them in foil and puts lots of cold packs and ice. 8 hours later they were still froze. They were a great flavor.


      Also a good hearty oatmeal peanut butter and chocolate cookie bar is sweet and simple.

      Frozen fruit treats are also good but melt quicker than the ice cream sandwiches.

      I also like a ginger based cookie with a lemon cream and raspberry jelly. It is easy and good storage and a nice sweetness but not over whelming. I can send the recipe if you want. It is a double layer cookie and really fun to make. Easy transport and keeps well.

      1. I was thinking something cold and wet or frozen. Could you make popsicles using a Bullshot mix without the vodka? That would have protein that ricepad suggests. Or snow-cones with frozen Gatorade scraped like granita. Does Gatorade even freeze? Is there something much better? I'm sure either would require some logistical problems and probably the need for a couple blocks of dry ice. I do love the idea of surprising them at the first day finish line, but you do realize they're going to be beat and a small token will go a long way.

        1. If you can keep them frozen nut gelato pops! Not too sweet, but cold and a small treat. Assuming they can tolerate dairy OK.

          I wouldn't do gatorade or bars at the end of the race b/c those flvors are what many cyclists (at least me) subsist on for long ride. I just want something different at the end!

          I always want tacos or Indian at the end, but that's just me! Fresh fruit is always very nice too - something perfectly ripe and in season. Bring chocolate to dip it in if you want a special treat.

          1. Seriously, nothing tastes better after a long ride than an ice cold beer.