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Mt Kisco, Jamaican?

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Clipper magazine had an ad for a new Jamaican place in Mt Kisco on South Moger Ave. Does anyone know anything about this?

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  1. Yes, I walked by it last week. It is a sliver of a tiny place in the Mt. Kisco Mall across from Okinawa (Hibatchi place) and around the corner from Starbuck's. It is a takeout place, and has a counter with hot table behind glass for the proprietor to serve customers. It looked rather inexpensive, and had basics like Jerk chicken. It was empty at dinner time, but I did not try the food. They are trying to also do catering.

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      I ate here today. Food was excellent. We had Jerk Chicken and Oxtail. Both came with Rice and Plantains for $11. I spoke with the owner and she will be adding tables, but for now it is take-out only.

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        Good to know! I live up the street and had no idea! Something different in this neighborhood!! I am tired of these shi shi places like Cafe of love....Does anyone know what's opening up next to Mango Cafe? I heard it is suppose to be French....

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          Same here....tried cafe of love a few times...its ok. Can't wait to try this new Jamaican place!

    2. I passed by this place recently and was wondering about it--- I poked my head in but there was just some kid at the counter talking to a friend and I didn't see any food so I left. Thanks for posting this!

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        We tried it the other night, not bad. Goat curry, stewed chicken and jerk. All came with rice and plantains. They have a menu, but not everything is offered each day. A nice addition to the never ending parade of Italian and Chinese in this area!

        DH spoke to the owner of the Irish place next to Mango Cafe, the new space will be a middle of the road French bistro. He wasn't sure of the opening date.

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          Ok so it will be French..I hope it will be a true authentic place. I hate restaurants where noone is from the country..lol..Either way I went to the Jamaican place yesterday, very very limited menu. But I got patties, which were ok and jerk chx wings for my husband, H ereally liked it. Next time def going to try to goat curry. Have you seen also that behind the Starbucks at the end of the walkway where the bank used to be a place called Churchill will be opening there. Probabaly another restaurant...We'll see!

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            Unfortunately went by CHurchills today and its a clothing store...I was so disappointed!

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              Well is there really a need for another resto in this area? lol...That way it's means I can eat less and shop more!

      2. I ate at the restaurant a few days ago and the food was spectacular. Very authentic cuisine made by someone who is actually from the country and grew up eating these foods. The cafe is small which creates a very homely atmosphere. There were tables there when I went so the option of dining in is now available. The brownstew chicken was awesome, very savory, it is served in a gravy and flavored very well. I would hands down recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking to expand their options and enjoys some spice in their life.

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          Good to know! I will be going back either way. When I went it was only open for 3weeks and they were still getting themselves situated..waiting for tables etc...Can't wait!

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            Went back yesterday. Food is very good. Dinner for $11 and I could not finish it.

        2. Just went there last night, Monday 8/10. Owner wasn't there, a friend (non-employee!) was running the store. The owners son (or some other misbehaved 13-year old boy) was sitting alone inside yelling/chanting obscene / scary things to apparently nobody (e.g,, I am going to kill you!). The kitchen was out of most things and they were not really sure what they had and what they didn't, even after 10-minute consultation with the cook. So super chaotic and off-putting atmosphere. Now that THAT is out of the way . . .

          What I ended up getting was brown stew chicken (rice/beans), jerk chicken (rice/beans and small amount of veggies) and several patties. While some of the patties were burned (although I don't believe I was charged for them), others were perfect, and might be some of the best patties I ever had. And wIthout any doubt, the chicken dishes were the best I have ever tasted anywhere including the motherland. Really, really good!! COoked perfect (not dry at all) and spiced perfect (heavily! but not too much, if that makes sense).

          Try it, definitely try it, but be prepared for some bumps before you leave with your booty.

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            I've been there several times. Brown stew chicken and curry goat were both very flavorful and robust. I thought the jerk chicken was just a bit dry when I tried it, although that too was full of flavor. Patties were really outstanding. Easily worth the money, and the owner is very friendly and eager to please.

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              Just went to Touch of Jamaica the other day; this is a local gem, and every Northern Westchesterite living in the radius of Mt. Kisco should be pleased. The food is at its core healthy, delicious and substantial. The restaurant itself is in its infancy and finding its legs. What you get for $11 is easily enough for dinner and lunch the next day; and the classic rice, peas and cabbage is quite healthy. The jerk chicken is the best I've ever had; the oxtail and curry goat were both fantastic as well. The beef patty was not at all greasy or oily and was very good. Everyone here who reads this should take it upon themselves to eat there a bunch, let friends now about it and make sure it stays around. Worth noting too is that they cater. I highly recommend Touch of Jamaica and consider it the *best* ethnic place in the Mt. Kisco area: Lefteris II is a glorified dinner with massive portions but not 1/10th the quality or taste of ToJ, Passage to India is overprices, local Mexican places do not inspire me; Thai Angels is ok, but....ToJ fills a real void locally. And the owner is a lovely woman who is passionate about serving people delicious authentic food.

          2. We don't live nearby but were up in the area yesterday and recalled this post. Lacking decent Jamaican down in Southern Westcheste we were very anxious to go. The result: food was great, fresh and flavorful, the owner is lovely and the restaurant itself while small, is very bright, immaculately clean and airy. The only bad thing I have to say is it is too far from us to make it a frequent visit but we will go back as often as we can and will definitely have to schedule some trips up that way just for the food.

            What we had: Beef and chicken patties - homemade and hands-down the best I've ever had. Fish Sandwich: tasty, well seasoned, fresh and moist on flavorful soft bread. Jerk Chicken: We had all white meat and it was very moist, appropriately spicy - unlike most places you can actually taste the variety of herbs and spices used. Curry Shrimp: Very good, plenty of shrimp and peppers. The only downside, the rice and peas were on the dry side and while I could see it was cooked with herbs, I didn't taste it.

            The oxtail wasn't ready so we couldn't try that but looking forward to it and curry goat next visit. The woman at the next table ordered it and it looked delicious. We were too full for dessert but the coconut cake and bread pudding are on my radar.

            If you live up there, please go and keep this place going. It is a gem.

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                Can you eat at the restaurant?

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                  Thanks ice cream and to CTeater, yes. There are only a few tables - three as I recall - but it's very pleasant and friendly.

              2. Ate there yesterday - grabbed some food for dinner. Food was pretty decent HOWEVER, I have never been treated in such an unprofessional manner ever in my life. I would avoid this place if you are trying to pick up something quick to eat - it took over 20 minutes for our simple order to be ready. The owner (I think was the owner) was incredibly rude to my wife and I and really turned us off. I will not be returning to this restaurant and it is a shame.

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                  i was in this saturday with my friend the girl who served me (Nicole) was excellent. It was a very hectic day due to the side walk sales but she still found time to make our meal extra enjoyable. as appitizers we had beef patties, they were excellent! I had the Jerk Chicken meal with rice and beans and veggies it was to die for. My friend had the curry shrimp with the same fixings and she said it was excellent. our waitress even offered us ox tails and brown stewed chicken to try because we couldnt make up or minds. Both excellent. the owner michelle was very rude to my friend but the waitress made up for what her boss lacked in professionalism. if she hopes to stay in buisness michelle should take some tips from nicole's professional and curtious attitude. the only thing holding her up is her delicious food. I will definately eat there again as long as Nicole is my waitress every time i go in. She said she is only there during the day so that is when i advise your trip to be during lunch.

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                    Well I have waited and waited for great Jamaican food in this area. There was once an elderly Jamaican fellow who had a fab-u-lous little joint in downtown White Plains but he retired back to the island and his store was permanently shut down. After trying a number of local places I gave up on authentic Jamaican food.....until now.

                    Touch of Jamaica was really excellent. I waited a while for plates of Brown Stew and Jerk Chicken to go and it was definitely worth the wait! Also tried the chicken and beef patties. My favorite was the Brown Stew. Rich taste, not oily, good sized portion. Also liked the Jerk and plantains (again not greasy). Michelle is a very nice, friendly lady and I enjoyed talking to her about my trips to Jamaica. Its hard to imagine her being rude to anyone. The restaurant is decorated quite nicely and in colors that convey the flavor of the islands and is outfitted with modern electronic equipment. They played solid Bob Marley at a very enjoyable sound level. The restaurant has a huge selection of tropical Jamaican drinks and may be the best place in Mount Kisco to grab an exotic fruit drink. I will probably be driving up from Dobbs Ferry once a week to try the rest of the menu. Fricasse chicken, red snapper and shrimp curry are next on my to-eat list. Big thumbs up here.

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                    Hmmm thats very strange, Michelle is a VERY sweet woman who works hard to keep her restaurant going. I have eaten there a few times now and have never had a bad experience. She always suggests great dishes and we have wonderful chats. I'm wondering if it was even the owner who the both of you are talking about, surferXmatt you specifically said you think it was the owner. I stopped by on Saturday during the craziness of the sidewalk sale and she told me she had a few of her friends helping her out. Basically what I'm trying to say is that the food is too good to cross this place off the list and I would hate to see such a nice woman being slandered if you guys are not actually even sure it was her.

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                      I agree foodsnob, the couple of comments about the rude owner perplex me. While we've only been there once, per my earlier post, Michelle was lovely, friendly, helpful and courteous. She really couldn't have been nicer and I can't imagine she'd be rude to any customers.

                      Michelle is so proud of her cooking, deservedly so, and wants her restaurant to succeed so hard to believe she'd blow it with a bad attitude. While our server was great and no one was rude to anyone while we were there, I too think it possible it may have been someone else and not Michelle who is responsible for any problems the disgruntled posters experienced.

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                        We had Jamaican food for the first time on Saturday. While I have nothing to compare it to, the food here was excellent and the owner was delightful. She went out of her way to help us decide what to order. We had chicken fricasse, oxtail, brown stew chicken, beef patties. Big portions. We'll definetely return.

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                          Finally tried Touch of Jamaica, and we thought it was the best Jamaican food we've ever had, including in Jamaica! We had the jerk chicken and brown stewed fish (which we requested spicy)--the fish was so, so good, impecabbly fresh, with fresh crisp cooked veggies, in a light wonderfully spicy broth. I loved the rice and peas cooked with coconut milk and spices. We had delicious Jamaican hot coffee after lunch--looking forward to doing a BYOB dinner soon and trying the curry goat which wasn't ready yet. We thought the owner Michelle was terrific, and as pointed out, she is justifyably proud of her cooking, which as she said, contains a lot of love. Our server was Michelle's daughter, who is very lovely. The place is cute and clean. It is a Westchester gem!

                    2. My wife and I visited for the first time last night. It was late and one hour before closing. Owner, Michelle, was our waitress, cook and cashier!

                      Small, unpretentious place. More like a cafe. No more than 4 tables as I recall.

                      We had Peppered Shrimp and Curry Chicken. Both dishes absolutely delicious served with rice, beans and plantains. Just the right portions. Very enjoyable.

                      Michelle sat down to chat with us afterwards and we found her to be bright, friendly and engaging. We will be back, as I look forward to sampling more of the menu.

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                        Not surprised to find this establishment gone. Though my first reviews were positive, next visits proved otherwise. Hours were unpredictable and at whim. It was not uncommon to show for dinner and find the door closed. Even if open, it was common to hear, "we don't have that today." Call for takeout? No problem. Pickup? Not ready and not available.

                      2. I just tried this place, I'm a fan. The owner is a very very friendly lady, maybe a bit too friendly she must have gave me at least 7 "wow, you a good looking boy."
                        I was not sure on what to order so she allowed me to order brown stew chicken mixed with goat curry. my dad ordered jerk chicken. These dishes came with rice\peas and plaintains which were all good. the jerk chicken came with beans that were delicious as well. i wasn't a big fan of the chicken dishes though because it was chicen breast and a bit dry. the goat curry though was amazing. i also tried a jamaican rum cake and of course blue mountain jamaican coffee, both of which were great.

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                          when I've had the jerk there it's always been leg and thigh... perhaps you have to request that? If so, definitely do it as the jerk chicken there is the best thing on their menu...

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                            maybe, my dad ate that dish it may have came with a thigh and leg. the parts i had though i found dry. ill be back though to try the oxtail and more desserts.

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                              what I'm talking about isn't parts though... it's a whole leg and thigh. Not cut pieces or anything... that's the way they've always served jerk to me.

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                                i dont remember specifically what parts of the chicken my dad's dish came since it had a lot of stuff going on. it may have been just a whole leg and thigh. but what i tried were parts he cut for me. he also thought the chicken was dry was well and he ate the meat off the bones of whatever chicken part he had. when i went the nice lady that greeted us didn't cook, it was some guy in the back. which may explain why the chicken wasnt that good.

                        2. I have to ask a completely stupid question- is there something to eat for someone who doesn't really tolerate the very spicy stuff? I think my husband would love it, and I love to be adventurous and try new places and things, but scotch bonnets and I do not mix. Thoughts??

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                            i didnt think the brown stew was spicy. the jerk chicken is a little bit spicy. try the brown stew fish maybe, the brown stew chicken comes with white meat and i found it to be dry.

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                              Michelle cooks most of the food to order--I prefer the brown stew fish spicy, so she made mine spicy. If you tell her what you like or don't, she will tailor a dish to your taste.

                            2. re: MRS

                              owner will make to your liking. cod fish cakes not spicy at all.

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                                i think the jerk chicken is marinated before though, so that can only be made spicier not any less than it is even though its not very spicy at all.

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                                  Does she do breakfast there? I love Ackee and saltfish, bananas and yams also, liver and porridge? It keeps you going all day long till dinner very hearty and yummy. Hace it here in Stamford, Ihope there too. Where is it in Mt. Kisco?

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                                    i'm not sure. i don't think so. it's right near starbucks and Connie's bakery.

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                                      It's located in the middle of an alley off South Moger Avenue, just to the left of Starbucks.