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Jun 26, 2009 12:49 PM

Staying at The Westin - Copley Place for July 4 weekend...

Heading up from NYC for the holiday weekend, what's around that area that i should not miss. If possible, not too expensive...Also love great street food and ethnic treats...any cart suggestions or neighborhoods I should seek out?

Thanks for any info...

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  1. There are lots of restaurants in that general area. Help us out a bit by telling us what kinds of food you like/want, what you mean by "not too expensive", and whether you are willing to take taxis or the MBTA to get somewhere.

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    1. re: BBHound

      Hey BBHound,

      Have to say there's pretty much nothing i won't eat, From haute cuisine to street meats. Just looking for standouts from Chowhounders, not the stuff i'll find on tourist websites.
      Maybe great little places that do one thing well, or a standout Izakaya somewhere reasonably close. Definitely willing to catch a MBTA if within a 1/2 hour. As far as price just not looking to break the bank, say under $60 per person for food...beverages sold seperately...

      Oh and I guess for a specific, where should i go for a great Lobster Roll. I definitely want at least one this weekend.
      Thanks again.

      1. re: sjjn

        OK. First of all, welcome to my 'hood. You will be about 4 blocks from where I live.

        First, the lobster roll. The two places that stand out are B&G Oyster and Neptune Oyster. I prefer Neptune, not least because you can get it as a warm version with butter. In the North End.

        One of the better places in Boston is across the street from your hotel. Sorellina at 1 Huntington Ave. is terrific but expensive. With careful ordering, you can make your limit.

        The best neighborhood for dining in Boston is the South End, located about three to five blocks south of your hotel. There are many restaurants along Tremont St that are very good. The best known is Hammersly's Bistro at the corner of Clarendon. Famous for its chicken. But there are lots of other places in that area that are very good.

        Also in the South End are several places that offer good deals on brunch. On Saturday, Union and Aquitaine have brunch for $9.95. On both Sat and Sun, Masa has good stuff. Do a search on this topic.

        Unfortunately, the area close to your hotel is loaded with mediocre places that are not all that reasonable. Many are OK but not memorable. Others here can suggest places that you might like further affield (via T) that might work well. Also, we have very little street food in the area. Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall has lots of street food but us locals almost never eat there.

        One reasonably priced place nearby I do like is Coda, on Columbus near Dartmouth. Unpretentious, good food and the prices are right.

        Finally, there is July 4. The grand clelbration is on the Charles River Esplanade, where you can celebrate with 500,00 others. The concert starts at 8:30 and the fireworks at 10:30. Get your self some picnic like food and walk the five or so blocks to see the show.

        Enjoy our city.

        1. re: BBHound

          hammersley's is one of my favorites down there. i had a grilled lobster dish with sweetbreads, chorizo and corn on the cob on the patio one night that i still dream about. his food isn't bells and whistles, but execution is always excellent.

          for lobster rolls, this board splits between b & g oyster bar, in the south end, near your hotel or neptune oyster in the north end. personally, i hate b & g, and it might be fun for you to get away from that copley area for a bite on such a crazy busy weekend.

          1. re: BBHound

            Coda has become one of my favorite places in the area for good, unpretentious, reasonably priced food. I had the burger last night, which was good, although their "chicken under a brick" (which for some reason doesn't come out flat the way it does at Keens in NYC) is one of my favorite menu items (and a lot less expensive than at Keens!).

      2. Lala Rokh for Persian food. Monica's on Richmond Street in the North End.

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        1. re: icedtea

          as much as i love lala rokh, i'd avoid beacon hill like the plague that weekend.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            Have you actually ever been on Beacon Hill on July 4 weekend? Not a mob scene. Lots of roof-top parties, but that doesn't affect the restaurants.

            Of course, you need to make sure that the restaurant you're interested in is even open.

            1. re: Alcachofa

              yes, in fact i have. and the public garden gets locked, so you can't even cut through, you need to walk all the way around.

              both charles and beacon at that end are a stream of people. they may not be eating at lala rokh, but the sidewalk traffic is sufficient deterrent for me.

                1. re: Alcachofa

                  hahaha, i've lived here long enough, and grow increasingly less tolerant of the crowds with my ever advancing age. :)

        2. A couple of additional thoughts:

          The fireworks on July 4 (set off in the middle of the Charles River) may be quite spectacular from your hotel room. If you are on a high floor and face Copley Square (north), the view would be good. Ask at check in.

          Picnic items can be found at Shaw's Market in the Prudential Center, one block west of your hotel on Huntington Ave. The variety there is broad and decent quality. More gourmet like offerings can be found at Formaggio in the South End.

          And I agree with hotoynoodle. You don't want to try to dine on Beacon Hill that weekend.

          1. re carts: I recall seeing a positive post or two about a cart at Back Bay Station (just across from your hotel) but don't recall details, plus it was a long time ago. Maybe another CH'er can elaborate.

            Other than that I can't recall any opportunities for street food in the immediate area. If you find yourself in Downtown Crossing there are a few food carts there as well.

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            1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

              There is always the ultimate food cart of them all: Speeds. Check board for posts but worth calling ahead because they may be in a special location that weekend as they were for Memorial Day weekend.

              1. re: GretchenS

                No doubt about that! Speeds puts NYC hot dogs to shame (that ought to get the OP interested ;) )

                1. re: GretchenS

                  cosign! look for speeds - but it may be closer to the action that weekend.

                  the copley westin is like a 15 minute straight walk to chinatown. search this board for recs.

                2. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

                  MC Slim JB has posted positive reviews of the Taco and Burito cart inside Back Bay Station.

                3. Thanks for the many recs...look forward to trying out a few. Especially the Hot dog cart. Not a big fan of the NY dirty water dog myself.