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Jun 26, 2009 12:33 PM

Fresh Mangosteen sighting at Russo's

They are wrapped up 3 or 4 to a styrofoam tray, near the lychees and rambutans. Price is $9.98 a pound. At about 3 PM there were five or six packages there...


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  1. I found some and opened them and was not sure how to eat them. I ate the white middle but the meat inside was bitter like persimmons. Very expensive for what you get to eat. Very small white part in the middle. It was like the size of a small marble. Any helpful hints?

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      the middle bit is the seed so just eat around it and avoid the thick skin.

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        Those sound pretty small. They are often the size of a small tangerine. You eat the white part.

        1. re: StriperGuy

          Thanks, some were the size of a tangerine but most were the size of a golf ball. I spent 25.00 and got 9. I realized that you have to cut them horizontally. Thanks for the help.

          1. re: macadamianut

            Prices not all that bad:: Mail order prices come to about $20/lb. - and the package included golf ball sized ones

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              I have found most of the ones available in the states so far to be golf-ball sized (not including the rind) - not sure why. But to have it marble-sized? Sounds like a bad one. Flesh should not be bitter at all, but sweet and with a hint of tartness. Was up visiting Vancouver this weekend and enjoyed a few mangosteens . Makes me want more, but Russo's is unfortunately out of the way for me.

              1. re: kobuta

                It should not be bitter so you got a bad batch. When choosing mangosteen, pick the smallest sized fruit possible, with a uniformly dark purple color and very slightly soft when softly pressed. If the fruit is yellow or brown in color or unevenly hard as a rock, don't get them. These things go bad very fast in general. Lucky asian market in Dorchester and Randolph has them every week at $100 for a 15lbs box or $10/lbs.

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                  I've had largish ones that were delicious. They do not have to be small.

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                    The big one is just as delicious, just that the small one do not have seeds. For such an expensive fruit, the seeds make it wasteful and interrupt its full enjoyment.

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            Here is what seems to be a pretty thorough write-up about mangosteens (and durians). The highlights are:
            - very short shelf-life (helps explain the price!)
            - ripe when dark red/purple
            - thick hard rind that leaves stains and is tannic
            - you eat the white pulp inside, which is divided into a number of sections, each of which may or may not have a seed.


            For the record, I did buy a package of mangosteens and can report that the one I tried this afternoon was tasty - sweet and tart at the same time.