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Jun 26, 2009 12:13 PM

Dinner between 1600 JFK Blvd & Walnut St. Theater

Hubbie and I will be going to the Walnut St. Theater (9th & Walnut) on Wednesday night. We're looking for a spot for dinner that would be along the way (on foot) from 1600 JFK Blvd. Don't want to venture too far off the trail as we want to be able to have a 6:00 dinner and have time to get to an 8 pm show. BYO would be good but not required, not interested in Asian. Moderate to upper moderate in price. Not too sure what's along Walnut St these days (I know Striped Bass, Susanna Foo, and Circa are all gone.) The only place we've been in that area recently was Kanella's which was excellent but would like to try someplace different. Any rec's would be appreciated.

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  1. There are lots of places along the way, the best moderately-priced BYO one I can think of is Lolita, at 13th and Sansom. If you don't mind going a block or two out of your way, Mercato is also very good and BYO, on Spruce between 12th and 13th.

    There's also Le Bar Lyonnais , downstairs from Le Bec-Fin on Walnut between 15th and 16th. It's not BYO, and it's a little more expensive than those other two places, but it's excellent.

    1. Zinc is on 13th not too far from the theater. Wonderful french bistro. Not byo tho they have good wines by the glass.

      1. Some non-BYO options convenient to the theater are Caribou Cafe (French) and Palace at the Ben (Indian).

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          I second Caribou...they have a theatre deal if I recall correctly...$6.00 house wines...if it is a nice evening, I am sure you can sit outside!

        2. alma de cuba would be nice at that time. estia might be crowded since pre-theater people like it there (same with valarri). the oyster house would be great, as would tria, though tria might not be substantial enough for your needs.

          1. I'd like to add:

            Smokin' Betty's--recently opened at 11th and Sansom. It's a BBQ joint; however the menu goes well beyond ribs and brisket (which are very good). Nice, modern decor, too.

            Time--on Sansom, off of 13th, has more upscale fare, with some very interesting menu choices.