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Jun 26, 2009 11:01 AM

pregnant fondue?

Hello fellow chocolate obsessed friends!

i have been assigned to assemble a fondue pot for a baby shower. The problem is that most fondue recipes require liquor (rum, brandy, grand marnier). Should i just add the equal amounts of cream?

any tips on incorporating some good flavors in this instance, instead of melted fudge?

assuming it does not burn off in a melting pot, is on tbl of it okay? I obviously have not been pregnant- oh well...

by the way, i'm making a pound cake, orange peels and possibly almond maroons.

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  1. I'm quite pregnant, and I would happily eat fondue whatever the recipe. A small amount of alcohol, spread out among many people, would only pose a problem for the most cautious of pregnant women. But I'm sure that cream would work as well. Sounds delicious!

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      yes, i agree. provided it's not a surprise, you could just ask your friend her comfort level with a tiny smidge of cooked off alcohol. you can get orange-y flavor by adding orange zest, but you won't get the same flavor/depth as if you added the liquor. that being said, i'm not sure the alcohol is as essential to the flavor of chocolate fondue as it is for cheese.

    2. Having never been PG either, no expert here, but your post title was so intriguing. Agree w/ milklady completely. If you're really worried, you could reduce the alcohol on the stove or by flambéeing it before you add to the chocolate. adam

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        Thanks guys. I think i'll try Adam's idea of flambeing the liquior at home.

        1. i would prefer a dark choc fondue with no liquor to one with cream. sounds delish.