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Jun 26, 2009 10:41 AM

Saturday lunch in Portland

I live in the Portland area and I'm familiar with many of our great restaurants. We frequently have weekend guests who want to go to lunch on Saturday but many of the better restaurants are closed. I know that Duckfat, Front Room, and Paciarino are open. Restaurants like Fore Street, Street & Company, and 555 are closed. I think all of the sushi restaurants are also closed.

I'm looking for suggestions for good Saturday lunch alternatives.


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  1. I'm sure I've had lunch at Yosaku on Saturday. I was at Top of the East for drinks last night and noticed that they had lunch there--the food probably isn't much, but it might be worth taking guests there during the day for the view.

    1. Would a fabulous picnic work? You could pick up everything at the Cheese Iron in Scarborough and head for a beautiful site to enjoy an al fresco feast.


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        We frequently do picnics but they aren't always possible because of the weather. Sciencediet, you are right about Yosaku being open. I'll put them on our list.

      2. The Blue Spoon is open for lunch. Walter's and Local 188 are as well.