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Jun 26, 2009 10:32 AM

Ceramic Grills

I've been hearing more about ceramic grills lately. It seem the Big Green Egg has garnered some popularity, but can anyone share their thoughts on the BGE versus any of the other ceramic grills available? I've heard of kamado, primo and bayou. Before I shell out a big wad of cash for one of these, I'd like to hear what the 'Hounds think.


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  1. You might want to post this question in the BGE forum.


    1. The Big Green Egg is to cooking as God is to religion. Join the flock, you'll never look back...

      1. There's a couple of very extensive threads about this on here already, just search for Big Green Egg and you'll find them pronto.

        In a nutshell:
        Kamado: Absolute worst. Shoddy product, shady service. Charcoal purchased from them has been moldy.
        Komodo Kamado: Absolute best. The Rolls-Royce of ceramic cookers. You'll pay out the wazoo for them, but they're gorgeous and built like tanks.
        Big Green Egg: Easily has the biggest fanbase. BGE is to grills as Macs are to computers.

        I'd say go with BGE because of the community around it.

        1. The support and dealer network for BGE is just impossible to beat. If you live in the South then there are a few others to consider like Grill Dome but the cost of freight quickly minimizes any savings.

          1. Thanks for all the feedback. I guess I'm leaning toward the BGE because of the large fanbase. Was hoping to get more feedback on the kamados.... they're prettier.

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              Not to get overly technical but the Komodo Kamado is not a ceramic grill and one of the reasons it's so much more expensive.
              You should avoid Kamado like the plague.