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Jun 26, 2009 10:22 AM

Best breakfast burrito on a Saturday am

My husband LOVES breakfast burritos, and wants one for his birthday tomorrow, and while I think I make a pretty good one he says its more fun to go out. So where should we go for a good breakfast burrito on a Saturday morning (and by good I mean must have beans and tasty fresh salsa)? Would prefer something on the cambridge/somerville side of the river, but not opposed to suggestions elsewhere, and we have a car. Thanks!

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  1. Deep Ellum does a great breakfast burrito and a mean Bloody Mary!

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    1. re: CreativeFoodie42

      Don't think it has beans though, does it?

      1. re: rknrll

        True, it is sans beans (missed that requirement from panda681) but it is still tasty!

    2. Anna's Tacquiera at the MIT student center is open pretty early (by 730 am). I haven't tried their breakfast burritos, but I've had the chile verde burrito as early as 9 am on a Saturday. Delicious and really fresh. The workers are always chopping lettuces and juicing oranges around 630 - 7 am.

      1. The migas at Mike and Patty's is a great variation on a theme:

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          Oh wow, I love migas and haven't had it in Boston. I'll def. have to try this out.

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            It sounded very good and so I went earlier this morning, and wow, the Migas was terrific! This is a really wonderful little place --- very pleasant seating outside and very nice staff inside. It really is a hole-in-the-wall. The roasted poblano peppers were a real treat, and everything worked together really well, including the little bits of queso fresco on the refried beans. Excellent coffee to boot, and they had my favourite "grown up soda", the meyer lemon variety. Thank you!

          2. if you are near JP The Purple Cactus has a breakfast menu
            only tried them once but they were huge and tasty

            1. I'll second Deep Ellum's burrito/chimichanga.