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Jun 26, 2009 10:19 AM

Looking for Cheese Curds

I want to make poutine for a Canada Day vs. USA Day party I am having next week. Canada Day is July 1st, so to compromise, I am having the party on July 2nd! Does anyone know a reliable source for cheese curds? I know that Whole Foods on Cambridge Street will sometimes have a couple of bags, but not consistently. Last year someone found one bag at Trader Joe's in Cambridge. Does anyone know where I will have the most luck finding them?

Any other sources for Canadian type items (ketchup flavored potato chips for example) are also appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Call any of the Whole Foods, and they can probably get them for you by then, even if they don't have them. They get regular shipments from Maplebrook Farm, that makes their mozzarella, so they can get their curds as well...

    1. I've consistently seen them at Trader Joe's on Boylston in the Back Bay.

      1. TJs in Needham also always has them. I made some with prime rib gravy...possibly the most heart-unhealthy thing I've ever eaten.

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          Ugh - they've stopped carrying the curds, apparently at every TJ. They told me that they weren't popular enough. I started crying and asked if it was my fault for not buying more. Deep inside, I knew it was. Oh, well, I guess I'll have to find a Hannaford's nearby.

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            Oh, NO!!!!!! Sorry, I'll take some of that blame...I only buy them a couple of times a year. Crap. :(

        2. Trader Joe's in Arlington Heights always seems to have them.

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            Ocean State Job Lot frequently carries the kethup flavored potato chips.
            I got them a couple of times at the Quincy and Randolph stores.

          2. Actually, it's the easiest thing in the world to make your own, if you can't find them to buy.

            I do it all the time, for making fresh paneer cheese, or cottage cheese.