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Jun 26, 2009 10:00 AM

Hollywood East Cafe

Hollywood East (Chinese) in Wheaton is closed. Their telephone message said they are going to re-open in August in Wheaton Mall.

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  1. Went to the new location once and had an absolutely mediocre dinner. Was the dim sum there any better?

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    1. re: Ellen

      Old, old news. Dim sum was always very good. Dinner was usually very solid if you knew what to order.

      1. re: repete

        The Dim Sum was great. Worth the drive from Baltimore.

      2. re: Ellen

        I wasn't impressed and never went back.

        That location was very small and they used mirrors to make it look bigger. They had outdoor seating, but who the heck would want to eat on a noisy/busy road like University Blvd?

      3. The dim sum was reliably great. Dinner, well late night when we would go (after 11pm) was a little ont he variable side from very good to OK. It really wasn't a matter of what was ordered as the same dish could vary a lot. In any case, given our last couple of meals at Paul Kee and Full Key, we cannot wait for them to repoen.

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        1. re: deangold

          Yeah, that raises a good point -- the hours in the new location. The late service was always a plus for us and I'm betting if they are indeed in the mall then the late hours will vanish.

          1. re: repete

            In fact, they have one of the spaces with direct access to the outside as well as mall access, so they will be able to be open outside of mall hours.

          2. re: deangold

            I had a very good dinner at Full Key tonight. Shrimp dumpling soup, shimp and scallops pepper pot, garlic snow pea shoots and roast pork. Seafood was fresh and every bit as good as any other time I've gone in the past year I thought it had gotten poor about a year and a half ago and almost stopped going but the last five or so times I've been in the past year its been consistently good. I go fairly early in the evening. Maybe its a late night thing.

          3. They missed their target by six months, but the wait was worth it. The new space is very nice, although they're only planning to be open till midnight and 1AM. I enjoyed the (加辣)豉汁干炒叉烧空心菜炒河粉 (ask for it by name!) as well as conversations with many of the family members at the opening, and a power failure, and dinner with Jon Singer and a random stranger as a result.. It's a lovely space and the kitchen was producing its customary good work. I'm really glad my departure from DC was delayed by a day.

            1. There's a story in the Gazette about Hollywood East and it's lost lease:


              Hollywood East Cafe
              11160 Veirs Mill Rd., Wheaton, MD 20902