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Jun 26, 2009 09:40 AM

Berkeley: Nominated for best beverage 2009 - Chocolatier Blue's 70% cacoa cold chocolate with marshmallows

With predictions of extreme heat this weekend, I can't think of a more refreshing drink. Cooool, light and the soul of chocolate. The bonus were the two marshmallows at the bottom of the drink which were fluffy and like marshmallows at the perfect stage of meltiness on a hot chocolate.

Made with Amedei chocolate, it amounts to the best chocolate milk I've had in my life. It is everything chocolate milk should be.

There are also strawberry and raspberry cold chocolate drinks.

The summer chocolates are here. The raspberry is the most intense flavor I've had at Chocolatier Blue. Packed ... packed ... with raspberry flavor. It is my favorite of the collection.

Next is the smores which made me smile with the first bite. There's smoke flavor in there like a marshmallow kissed by a campfire there. I think the shop is brilliant for these type of cholates that capture the essense of a dessert that seems impossible to pack into a tiny truffle. Last season it was ants on a log that did this.

The description of the chocolate says "Summer would not be complete without a camp fire and fresh smores. We make ours with our own hickory smoked graham crackers, topped with caramelized marshmallows and encased in dark chocolate. It is the ultimate summer treat"

Other summer flavors include key lime, peach, cherry and the return of chili.

Lime is very tart and tangy. The peach is more of a liqued caramel with peach notes. Lovely if you are a caramel lover. The cherry takes more of the tang of a montgermy cherry than a sweet cherry flavor.

The regular chocolates are: caramel, peanut butter & jelly, palet d'or, pistachio, espresso, pine nut, hazelnut, lemon, passion fruit caramel.

If you haven't tried it yet get one of their wonderful turtle bars, one of my all time favorite things.

As far as the cold chocolate, I've added it to my list of top ten tastes of 2009. I doubt something else will knock it off.

Chocolatier Blue
1964 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94701

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  1. Have you tried the sweet corn truffle? It's amazing. It's so good that I'm using it as one of the flavors for my wedding favors.

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      Yes. It is excellent. They didn't put it on their flavor card so I was eating it I thought it was very good but I couldn't place the flavor. So when I went back today I got another one and yes there is a lovely subtle sweet corn. They said they didn't list on the flavor card because they thought maybe people wouldn't want a corn chocolte.

    2. I've been craving an "iced chocolate" of some sort. .this sounds perfect.

      I just adore this place. . .can't wait to try the summer flavors as ants on a log was such a favorite!

      1. I thought the raspberry cold chocolate was good but not great. It seemed thinner than the hot chocolate and didn't quite have the same depth of chocolate flavor. Of course, just about everything suffers in comparison to their hot chocolate which is delicious.

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          I stand corrected about the marshmallow. It was whipped cream. It was just so thick I assumed it was some sort of marshmallow. With the cold chocolate you have to think chocolate milk rather than thick hot chocolate. I was taken with this and had the strawberry today which I liked quite a lot too. Nice fresh strawberry flavor.

        2. We checked this place out. My husband and son really liked the cold chocolate and my taste deemed it the best chocolate milk I had had.

          The owner is super nice and enthusiastic. We tried the corn, which is good, but the corn is subtle. I would prefer more oomph. The caramel is a good version, classic milk caramel. I rarely like milk chocolate, but I did like this one. The pistachio was super smooth and tasted of perfectly roasted pistachios. Very good. Pine nut was also good. The caramel bar is good classic caramel, but I would like more nuts. Truffles are belgian style butter only.

          Husband liked the smokey flavor of the smore - and he liked that it wasn't too marshmallow-y.

          I will be back - and still have quite a few to try at home.