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Jun 26, 2009 08:20 AM

Special Occasion Dining in STL

I know, this is a common question, but I ask it again because menus change so much, and what was a good restaurant a year ago might only be mediocre now. So tell me, what's your current favorite special occasion place in St. Louis? Looking for a great dinner menu with a good wine list, vegetarian options, good ambiance... you know. The package. Thanks!

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  1. In my opinion, not much has changed in the St. Louis dining scene recently. The places that I'd recommend still begin with Erato on Main and Niche. Other places that one could consider would be Sidney Street Cafe, Monarch, maybe Harvest. There are obviously many other places that work to be a special occasion place, but if it was me, I would not venture outside of what I've listed (actually, I'd just go straight to Erato for their tasting menu- my wife is vegetarian and they take good care of her there). Even Niche is becoming more difficult to recommend as a special occasion place due to its popularity (I've found the overall dining experience has declined as it has received more press- the food is as good as ever, but it is becoming more of a "scene" than I'd prefer).

    1. We had a lovely time and good food at Atlas in the DeBaliviere neighborhood--west of the CWE- for our anniversary in May.

      1. The best restaurant meal I have had in St. Louis was at Franco a few months ago. (And I am a vegetarian).

          1. Citizen Kane's and Vin de Set are both equally unique for a special occasion. Also, try Paul Mannano's off 141 in Chesterfield, INCREDIBLE but expensive!

            Phil Novara