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Jun 26, 2009 08:10 AM

Steak house near Newton?

My husband and I are visiting friends in Newton and want to take them out to a nice dinner. One of our friends is VERY picky, pretty much the only safe menu item is steak. I am unfamiliar with the Boston area but think our friends would like to eat near the Newton area. We are in out late 20's early 30's and prefer a more modern venue, any recommendations?
I appreciate any help you can give!

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  1. I suggest Bokx 109. It is a modern steakhouse in the Hotel Indigo in Newton. Easily accessible from 95/128 and the Mass Pike. There are better steakhouses in Boston and this is certainly not a cheap place but I rather enjoyed my meal. and it fits this part of your request perfectly. "We are in out late 20's early 30's and prefer a more modern venue"

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      Gordough-What would you consider to be "better" in Boston? Our friends are now open to meeting us within the city proper so I am open to other suggestions!

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        In no particular order:

        Grill 23
        Abe & Louie's
        Capital Grill

        The reason I suggested Bokx 93 was based mostly on your request for a Newton area steakhouse coupled with the fact that it seemed like you were looking for something newer and more modern as compared with the typical wood paneled, old school steak houses.

    2. The Met Bar (ie Metropolitan Club) and the Capital Grill are both steakhouses in Newton. Both are right on route 9, however I don't know how rewarding they are for a dining experience. I would possibly look into Lumiere over in West Newton. It's French, but they do have a great hanger steak on the menu.

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        My husband and I love the Met Bar! It's modern and lively and the food and drinks are great.

        Lumiere is one of my all time favorites and another good choice though they usually only have one steak option on there menu (which is always terrific). If there are others in your party that like fish, lumiere does that very well too. In fact, everything on their menu is done very well in my opinion!

      2. Capital grill is a good bet as mentioned, the Lamb chops and lobster bisque are amazing.

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          I usually go to the Capital Grille in Burlington, since it's near work, but the one time we ate at the Newton location (as mentioned, on the Eastbound side of Route 9), we had a fine meal and some excellent, reasonably priced wines. Try their signature pineapple-vodka infusion cocktail, the Stoli Doli (widely copied, but they invented it). But stop after one. A very dangerous drink!!!

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          1. better steakhouses in boston are arguably Grill 23 and bar, Abe and Louis, Oak Room, and Moo...