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Jun 26, 2009 07:57 AM

South Jersey shore garlic scapes

Does anyone know where I can get garlic scapes in South Jersey, in the Atlantic City area? I am dying for garlic scape pesto, and I don't know of any farmers' markets nearby.

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  1. Just a suggestion.
    Take a look at this link - Garden State Garlic - People in NJ who LOVE garlic

    Try contacting someone from this page to help you find garlic scapes, they seem like experts.

    1. Don't know about the garlic scapes in particular, but there's a farmers' market every thursday in the parking lot at Steve & Cookies restaurant in Margate.

      1. Lucy,
        I just got some organic garlic scapes from Merrick Farms in Farmingdale. I'm not sure if they are for sale individually as the farm is operated as a subscription style Community Supported Agriculture program. You may wish to give them a call.