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Jun 26, 2009 07:38 AM

Top current offers

Hi all. I have been a Chowhound voyeur for some time now and have finally taken the plunge...

As you all seem so knowledgeable, I wondered if you could help me put together a list of the top current offers at mid/high end London eateries. I know Le Gavroche and Tom Aikens are doing great value set lunches, and remember seeing others over the past few months but stupidly haven't kept a record of them.

Planning my summer eating!



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  1. the easy answer is pretty much every single upper end restaurant has a 'lunch menu' .
    Its easier to mention the ones that dont - Locanda Locatelli , Zuma and roka are the only ones i can think of that dont .

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      reiterating the above poster, most high end places have got great lunch (and sometimes dinner) deals on - Toptable is a pretty good place to start to see what is on.

      1. re: pj26

        Personally i love the restaurants that offer the dinner menu at lunchtime at a significantly reduced price . However these are few and far between . The only ones i know are Zafferano , and the Chez bruce trio . Foliage used to offer it but they've recently changed their menus slightly so although they look similar the lunch time menu doesnt have some of the more expensive ingredients . I would love to know of anymore ?

    2. As mentioned in a previous post, the Gordon Ramsay collection all seem to be offering a summer special. The D&D restaurants all typically offer a set lunch menu too.

      Marcus Waering has a £35 three course set lunch too.

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        Thanks for all these. When I have a spare moment I'm going to do a list of great value offers and will post up here. It's just frustrating - but understandable, of course - that they're mostly lunches. Ah to be a bizarrely wealthy student/pensioner!

        1. re: helen b

          worth remembering that these aren't "current" offers, and most if not all are always available.