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Jun 26, 2009 07:30 AM

Dinner in Barcelona - Sunday

Need some help please. Will be in Barcelona for a wedding and only have Sunday night free to have dinner in town. Have looked at some recommended restaurants that appeal most to me (Cinc Sentits, Inopia, Abac) but all are closed on Sunday night. Are there any decent places open for a sunday dinner? Any recommendations will be much appreciated - I don't want to waste my final night in BCN on sub-par food!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I can't think of one top restaurant that is open Sunday night. The following is a link to a recent post on this topic:
    Contrary to what I wrote on that post: I don't think Moo is open on Sundays.

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      I insist that you go to Cerverceria Catalana!! We arrived on a Sunday and it was wonderful! Beware, there will be a line, but you don't need to wait for seats at the bar.
      It's very inexpensive, we had a pitcher of sangria, stuffed ourselves and had a crema catalana for dessert for 50 Euro.


    2. We lived in the Eixample for a year, across the street from Paco Meralgo and walking distance from Cerveceria Catalana. I think the latter is pretty good, but the former is among the best places in the city. Neither is much like Abac or Cinc Sentis, but if you're inclined in that direction, I think you'd prefer Paco Meralgo, which is only, as I recall, slightly more expensive. Also--and the more times fans like me pitch it on Chowhound the less this will be true--but when I left Barcelona roughly a year ago, most dinners on any given night at Paco Meralgo were Catalans, whereas the crowd at Cerveceria is much more dominated by an international cast of travelers.

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        If it is just for food, I think PacoMeralgo is better than Cerveceria Catalana which has too large of a menu and try to serve too many people. Some of the food is hit or miss but it's lively partying atmosphere that spill into the sidewalk makes up for it (not to say that PacoMeralgo is not lively and fun which it is). There is a splatter of visitors in Paco, not like Cerveceria Catalana which gets the large groups. Also Paco is a bit more away from the center toward the Diagonal which might account for less visitors.

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          Thanks!! I've made reservations at Paco Meralgo, and Senyor Parellada (this was suggested by others) for Sunday, and we'll see what the group decides. Thanks for the suggestions!

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            You could tell your group this, as it ponders: Senyor Parellada has a beautiful space--it is a truly charming spot--and offers a good selection of standard Catalan and Spanish dishes, but in terms of quality it is mediocre, and caters overwhelmingly to tourists. (It's talked up a lot in guidebooks and on boards like this, but when I lived in the city I never heard anyone mention it as a place to seek out.) In pure food terms, there's simply no comparison. (IMHO, at least: I still pine for Paco, which was a regular haunt; after one meal at Senyor Parellada, it never occured to me to go back.) So it's a matter of what one is looking for. Good luck.