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Jun 26, 2009 06:26 AM

Farmer's Markets during the Strike

Which ones are open? Obviously St Lawrence Market, the one at Sherway Gardens on Friday mornings. Is the Brickworks a city run site? How about Wychwood Barns? I usually go to the markets in parks, partly because of the timing and partly because of my kids. It seems I need to change my shopping habits during the city workers strike.

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  1. Officially, all markets being held on city-owed property are supposed to be cancelled, because all permits for the use of city property are voided during the strike.

    Most of them, however, are remaining open, albeit with some slight adjustments in some cases. Any that are RUN by the city - such as Nathan Phillips Square and Metro Hall - are cancelled, but most of the rest are happening.

    Here are a couple of links that are being updated as info becomes available:

    1. The Market on 200 Eglinton West was not there on Thursday.

      1. How does the permit situation affect street events?

          1. The East Lynn Farmers Market was open on Thursday - even though it's located in a park - i guess it's not run by the City.