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Jun 26, 2009 05:23 AM

Zuni roast chicken on spit? [moved from SF]

Has anyone tried this? I'm going to make the chicken tonight (after only 24 hours of salting, alas I should have looked at recs here earlier!) and I'm wondering if the process would be simplified (I know, not usually aligned with equally good results) by cooking the chicken on my rarely-used little oven spit--just a rack that sets up in a roasting pan, clunky and a bit of a pain to rotate the bird 45 degrees but it does work. Mightn't it save on all the splattering when moving the bird? Mightn't it allow the skin to crisp perfectly? Not that I'd suggest I could improve that recipe. Just wondering.
I'd much appreciate the benefit of anyone's experience in this!

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  1. The spattering comes from the fat in the pan due to the high oven temperature, as well as the fat on the skin spattering as the bird cooks. Cooking on a spit may actually increase the spattering.

    1. Won't reduce splattering, but probably will reduce splattering ON you.