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Jun 26, 2009 04:29 AM

Restaurants on the water in and around Hartford

Cute, casual, great fresh fish and live music would be great too. Lobster Rolls and Whole Belly Clams, thank you

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  1. If you're talking about the ocean you're pretty far from it in Hartford..............

    1. Hartford does not have any true "waterfront" restaurants. You could, if so inclined, head to Mickey's across the river in East Hartford and get some whole bellies to go, and have a picnic at the Riverfront Park, either at a picnic table on the East Hartford side, or sitting by the band pavillion on the Hartford side. If the weather is decent, this can all be done by walking from Hartford across the Founder's Bridge, or if you have a car, via a 3 minute drive.

      On20 has a view of the river, but it is a gourmet lunch, and not cut, casual "chow" in the pure sense.

      1. Harborpark in Middletown was the only place I could think of. Although they have a vast menu of seafood specials, they have neither lobster rolls nor whole belly clams. Finally, it's casual but big - not "cute" as you specified. There are lots of boaters there, however, and it's a hip place. Great happy hour.

        Bill's Seafood in Westbrook is the place for water-side lobster rolls and whole belly clams.

        1. Not a clam shack which it sounds like you're looking for but Vito's by the Water in Windsor is a nice place. The food is good though and there is a water view from some tables...

          1. The answer depends on your definition of 'waterfront.' I asked a similar question a year ago or so and got responses chiding me because, after all, Hartford is 50 miles from the ocean, how could there be waterfront dining? However, my definition of waterfront would include include river frontage, e.g., Apricots and the Grist Mill in Farmington on the Farmington River (higher end places) and Mitchell's (Rocky Hill) and the Blue Oar (Haddam) on the Connecticut (more roadfoodish places). Angelicos in East Hampton (Lake Potacopaug [sp]) would qualify in my opinion.

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              )2sbxstr:Thank you someone who thinks like me water can be any body of water, I appreciate it.

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                I should also have added my appraisal of the food at these suggestions. Apricots (pub menu) - very good, my benchmark burger; Grist Mill - on the short list to go, went there years ago; Mitchells - roadside burger and hot dog joint, okay; Angelicos - haven't been for 3 or 4 years, okay at the time; Blue Oar - went yesterday for the first time, very good lobster roll and blue cheese burger (moves onto my top burger list) (BYOB and cash only).