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Jun 26, 2009 04:15 AM

Bar Harbor/Acadia Area Steak?

Hi all

We will be in the Mt Desert Island area in a few weeks. My wife's birthday is in the timeframe, and I was wondering is there anyplace to get a great STEAK in the vacinity?
I'm all about Lobster when in that area, but she would prefer a great steak.



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  1. Havana has a selection of well-prepared meat on the menu. Menu currently on website has "Citrus Hanger Steak", a Beef Tenderloin (as well as a Pork Loin and Rack of Lamb).

    I describe Havana as a fun "date night" kind of place so may work well for birthday celebration.

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      i had the Hanger Steak at Havana on Wednesday (we're on vacation) and it was excellent with an interesting sauce. It mentioned habanero peppers but it wasn't overly spicy. I don't see how they could have been habaneros. I would definitely avoid getting the Cod Fritters as an appetizer. They were way too salty and really not even edible. If it hadn't been for the wonderful hanger steak I would have been very disappointed in the restaurant. Oh, also had a well-made Mojito and their wine list is very nice.

      1. re: Carole

        Thanks HD and Carole. I had a "Hanger Steak" at Fore Street in Portland a couple of years ago and was totally unimpressed. What CUT is Hanger Steak???
        I'm specifically looking for a quality NY Strip Steak or a good Tenderloin/Filet Mignon.

        Thanks again


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          I agree w/ Havana. Another option is Jack Russells Brew Pub on rt 3 entering BH. It's a place a lot of locals go and we enjoy that it is open all year. Great beer brewed on site too.

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            Hanger steak is the hanging tender, I believe that it hangs down in the diaghram- it is a very tender and flavourful piece of meat - not often seen in markets because the butchers always kept it for themselves - if the meat is cut incorrectly it can be a little tough - one of my favorites

          2. re: Carole

            Agree Carole....Cod cakes were salty had dinner at Havana over the 4th of July. Great atmosphere and un hurried. Wine list was huge but I stuck to the mohito's.

            Tuna way expertly prepared...corn biscue was very good.

          3. re: HDinCentralME

            An added benefit to Havana is that they use locally raised, grass-fed beef.

            You might also want to check out Red Sky in Southwest Harbor. I've not had steak there, but the food in general is excellent.

          4. I've never known anyone to be disappointed at Galyn's, which serves filet. Both the Bar Harbor Club and the Reading Room at the Bar Harbor Inn serve filet. Over in Southwest, Red Sky usually has NY strip on the menu. You might also call Burning Tree.

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            1. re: Mainegal

              Burning Tree does not serve red meat of any kind!

              1. re: morla

                No Red Meat at Burning Tree? I'll stay away! LOL


            2. I'd say SO FAR, it looks like Galyns or Jack Russells may be the place!
              ANY MORE???


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                Forgot McKay's. A plus there is that if the weather's decent (hah! not this year so far), you can sit in the garden out front.

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                  Don't have a good steak place, but didn't care for anything at Jack Russells, VERY ordinary, I don't think my husband liked the beer, either.

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                    well folks, we went to Jack Russels last night and had an excellent dinner. I had a 12 oz NY Strip cooked perfectly. My wife had a 6 oz Filet paired with a skewer of Garlic grilled Shrimp. Daughter had a 6 oz Filet. Son had a single skewer of Tenderloin Tips paired with a nice Crab Cake. Sides were Garlic Mashed Potato for three and I had hand cut Maine French Fries as well as grilled Asparagus for 4. Instead of a bread basket, we were served four hot pretzels and mustard. Odd, but suprisingly good!
                    A bottle of Liberty School Cabernet for the adults, the bill before tip was $150.00. Not bad for the meals we enjoyed. Oh yeah, there were four mixed field green salads at the outset as well.

                    THANKS TO ALL FOR REPLYING!

                  2. There is a new restaurant in Ellsworth, on the way to Bar Harbor, operated by some Bar Harbor/ NE Harbor restauranteurs, Hillfire Grill, which has opened to very positive reviews. I haven't been, however, not a big restaurant steak guy.

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                    1. re: Passadumkeg

                      Unfortunately, that website is useless......thanks for the info anyway passadumkeg

                      1. re: sinned61

                        Boy, I hope the rain stops for you. I'm just taking a break from Ark building. Don't order Maine escargot, we have a bumper crop of garden slugs this year.

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                          Tell me about it! I've never seen a summer like this in New England. The mosquitos are going to need to file a flight plan pretty soon.

                          1. re: sinned61

                            Jr Keg went to Hill Fire w/ his boss and was pleasantly suprised at quality and price of his T-bone ($18), artichoke salad and bacon stuffed spud. He's a good littla (19) hound and I respect his judgment.
                            We escaped to Seoul for 2 weeks of sum, warmth, family, hiking and great food. Korean beef is excellent. they always list 3 grades: Korean, excellent & expensive, Australian, moderately priced and American, the chapest and least desirable in Korean eyes. the gov't almost fell 6 months ago for allowing the importation of American beef, due to US pressure. American beef cannot be exported to Europe either. Makes one think. I used to love my Argentine beef when living in South America.