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Jun 25, 2009 09:51 PM

Dinner in Elko, NV?

This July we are driving from Carson City (NV) to, perhaps, Twin Falls (ID) in a day, taking Hwys 80 and 93. A long day. And the next day we will head up hwys 84, 88, 15 and 20 through West Yellowstone on our way to Tower Junction/Roosevelt.

Anyone have a recommendation for simple good spots between Winnemucca and West Yellowstone?

We are especially interested in a good local lunch or dinner place in Elko, a dinner or breakfast gem in Twin Falls (see "Other Places in America" list), a lunch place in West Yellowstone and any suggestions for Yellowstone Park.

Seen mixed reviews for within the park and are planning on simple food, snacks and soda fountains there. (We'll save our fancy dining for here in the SF Bay Area)

Hints on other fabulous spots along the way are welcome, too!

Has anyone been to Sydney's Mountain Bistro in West Yellowstone this year?


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    1. Basque food is what you are looking for. There are 3 I have eaten at in Elko - Biltoki, the Star, and the Nevada Dinner House. Biltoki is most uthentic - but the Nevada is my favorite. Food is served family style - huge portions with many side dishes..spaghetti, french fries, a vegetable..the list goes on and a salad...with the house dressing. Their cocktail Picon punch - WATCH OUT...lighter fluid in a glass. Biltoki's sides include tongue and crab as well. OR - if you feel like venturing out to spring creek - there is the Pine Lodge for steak and crab. Go for basque....

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        Ah yes! Basque! Thanks so much for the tips. I haven't had tongue since the 70s when I was in high school. We loved inviting friends over for dinner and after they accepted we'd show them what was cooking in the pot. Always a great response!

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          Thanks for the tip. Haven't had a Basque meal in a while. And haven't had tongue since I was in school and living at home. When we new my mom was cooking it, we'd ask friends to stay for dinner. Once they accepted, we'd show them what was in the pot. It was always fun to see their response!