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Jun 25, 2009 09:47 PM

Camellia Grill

I finally made it to Camellia Grill. Sorry to say that it was a disappointment. Our server was very friendly. I don't see myself going back for the food.

My friend and I ordered burgers. The buns were put on the grill, warmed a little, but not grilled or browned. The meat had no seasoning at all. I watched closely as several omelets were prepared. No salt, pepper or any type of seasoning was added. The bacon was good and generous, 3 strips. My granddaughter ordered the hamburger steak plate. The meat was a large hamburger patty...not one bit of seasoning, no onions, no gravy. Could not have been more blah. The fries were frozen plain, plain fries with not one grain of salt.

We all ordered the freeze. They were good.

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  1. Sounds as though it has "gone coprorate" to me (although the long-time owners got rid of it YEARS ago. I have not been in twenty years. A friedn asked me if my favorite waiter (no, it was not Harry although I liked Harry a lot) was still alive. I said that I did not know and I am afraid to ask. Im a coward in this regard...the rest is personal.

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      I went there this year during jazz fest and everything was great. The burger was amazing and the pecan pie was to die for. They put it on the grill and then topped it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I went to tulane University over 15 years ago and the food tastes exactly the same.

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      1. We have great memories of the place as well and so want it to be good. The breakfast items are ok. It just lacks soul.

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        1. I hate to hear this. It's been a while since we have gone. I just think sometimes nostalgia clouds my view, but I am sorry to hear about things going downhill. They opened another Camellia Grill in Destin and when we went, it may as well have been McDonald's. A Shame!

          1. I am greatly saddened to hear this. I was a great fan, when we lived in NOLA, and made it back for a "nutty" on almost every trip.

            Have not been, post-K, so have nothing else to add. Sounds like it's a shame and they will be missed. I have several pieces of art in my home, that depicts the Camillia Grill. One, a Phillip Sage pen and ink, used to hang, as a print, over the cash register.

            Sorry to hear the news,