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Jun 25, 2009 09:36 PM

South Beach Restaurants: the good / the bad

by all means avoid the Cardozo on Ocean Drive! RIDICUOUSLY priced menu, with a specialty menu that has $25 Mojitos!!!! Horribly overpriced!!

The Palace on Ocean Drive & 12th - not great food, but not bad, and definitely the most reasonably priced on Ocean Drive ($6 Mojitos!)

BLT Steak at the Betsy Ross Hotel on Ocean Drive: great food, great service. Not cheap, but not ridiculous for the food, service and ambiance.

Rosinella on Lincoln Road: great food, reasonably priced and decent service. The best Italian food in Miami!!

Miss Yip on Lincoln & Meridian: nice atmosphere, reasonably priced, and really good Chinese food. Nice dim-sum menu

Baires Argentinean on Lincoln Road...beautiful restaurant, good food, great service

Pizza Rustica: awesome pizza and cheap

Clevelander on Ocean Drive: food sucks, but good place to people watch, too pricey for what they serve

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  1. rosinella the best food in miami?Hope you were not using supplements like manny ramirez when you wrote this!LOL Try osteria de teatro or macaluso in south beach before you make that statement.Being a local i dont eat on ocean drive and rarely on lincoln road as i know the rents these establishments have to pay generally translate into overpriced and/or mediocre food.

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      I think rosinella is the best italian in the entire world

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          I guess youre having that "Sardinia 4 Life" tattoo removed? Hehe

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            Getting lasered as we speak. Ouch!

      1. I actually found Miss Yip to be not worth returning to. Food IS edible, has some taste, probably is one of the better ones in South Beach, but definitely not worth a repeat visit, to me of course. Vegetables are not very crisp/fresh, and unfortunately the use of bok choy is unheard of...