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Jun 25, 2009 09:24 PM

Tart – Has anyone been?

I've passed by a few times already on my way to the Grove but never had the opportunity to go. Has anyone been? Good or bad? What did you order? etc....

:) Please share!

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  1. I had brunch there a few months ago and will not be back. The outdoor area is cool & comfortable, but the food & service were not very good. They messed up my order and weren't even apologetic about it and the food was pretty bad.

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      We really enjoy Tart--we have had only terrific warm experiences there--for brunch and for Happy Hour. We went for Fathers Day and both my husband and son loved their entrees--my husband had a scramble and my son had fried chicken and waffles--which were great. I had the hash and eggs based on the server's recommendation--and it was kind of greasy. They took it back, re-plated it and didn't charge me for it. The waiter was completely gracious. At Happy Hour gloppy nachos and other appetizers are half price--fattening and not gourmet (but addictive) and the drinks are fine. The prices are completely reasonable--not much more than Farmers Market and you aren't carting your food on a tray from a stall and dodging smokers. It is within walking distance of our home which certainly pushes it up a couple notches on our list--especially for said happy hour. It is a nice neighborhood alternative for outdoor brunch or an early supper. In sum, I probably wouldn't drive across town for the experience, but the times I have been there we have enjoyed the experience (and that's what counts...).

    2. I tried it once for dinner, and was very disappointed. The chowder was very good. The crawfish egg rolls were dull and muddy tasting. The fried chicken, which the waitress raved about, was just awful, Thick porous dark breading, nearly burnt on the outside. Small pieces of meat, flavorless. As a whole, the meal was bad.

      1. I was there for brunch, maybe two months ago. I had a better experience than the other posters. The food was acceptable, but if left to my own devices, I'd go over to Loteria, and have the chilaquiles.

        1. Don't get me started. I live around the corner and this place has been a continuous frustration since they first opened 3 or 4 years ago. In short, it's the definition of hit or miss. Reference the already disparate opinions above. They keep trying to reinvent themselves to spark business (most recently it's a sharper turn toward southern: alligator, et al.) but food and service are always a crap shoot. Sometimes it all gels, more often it does not.

          The space and location gave Tart a real running start, but it's obvious that poor management was destined to trip it up every step of the way. At this point, they should just stop tinkering, bring in a GM who knows what they're doing, and change the name to give the place a real fresh start.

          1. Went back tonight and have to admit, it wasn't very good at all. The squash bisque was overly heavy, not hot (it had formed a surface skin) and had a seed in it. The fried chicken salad was doused in a sweet dressing and the chicken was cold. The fried chicken plate had a completely different breading and was just ehh. My husband liked the pork chop, but the prices are high, and the outside area attracts a lot of smokers. Behind us 4 women smoked 3 cigarettes each--a throwback to another era. I want so much to like this restaurant, but it might be time to move on.