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Jun 25, 2009 08:53 PM

Sour cherries in Vancouver?

I plan to make some homebrew with cherries and am reading everywhere that I need to get sour cherries. A brewer in the Straight today says he gets his from a place in Aldergrove, but I am wondering if anyone here knows where I can find some a little closer to Kits?

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  1. Persian specialty stores will sometimes carry them because they're used to make a number of summertime dishes, including jam. There's a speciality store in West Van, next door to Le Pic-Nic (1143 Clyde Ave off of Marine Drive). I've seen them there before. I'd say call ahead, but of course I have no idea what the grocery store is called. If that fails, I've got a ton in my freezer! Perhaps I will have to try the homebrew recipe.

    1. Dried or fresh? There are dried ones at Galloways and Meinhardts.

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        Mae Nam is doing a sour cherry foam on one of their drinks. Maybe you could call the resto and find out where they are getting them (though maybe that would be wholesale).

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Thanks for the feedback, all. I have some following up to do... (Vicfoodie, I'm seeking fresh.)

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            Cherry season is just starting and the really short sour cherry time should be very soon. It's interesting how few cherry growers still cultivate them but there is one that sells at Granville Island at one of the day tables. Keep an eye out there.
            They used to contact me when they were going to be there and if so I'll post about it here.

            If that fails I have a few kilos of frozen, pitted sour cherries that I may be able to help you with depending on the quantity you need.

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              Dear eatrustic! Is your kind offer still on? I need a couple of kilos of sour cherries to make a pie and perogies with them for my son's wedding. I couldn't find fresh sour cherry yet... I would be eternally grateful if I could buy some frozen sour cherries from you.
              If you still have them and can sell some (a kilo or two), please let me know when, where, and how it would be convenient for you. My phone #604-519-0951. Thank you, Natalia.

          2. Thanks for your offer, most appropriately named eatruistic - I need about 5-10 lbs, so I won't tax your supply. I did spot an ad on craigslist today, placed by some folks who will be bringing Montmorencies to Vancouver on Monday nights, while they are in season. I'm going to order up some up and get brewing some homemade kriek.

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              I was in North Van today and I stopped in at Yaas. They will be getting sour cherries "very soon" (probably within a week). Give them a call if you haven't sourced them yet.

              Yaas Bakery
              1860 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M, CA