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Jun 25, 2009 07:46 PM

Dinner in Elko? Breakfast in Twin Falls? and lunch in West Yellowstone?

This July we are driving from Carson City (NV) to, perhaps, Twin Falls (ID) in a day, taking Hwys 80 and 93. A long day. And the next day we will head up hwys 84, 88, 15 and 20 through West Yellowstone on our way to Tower Junction/Roosevelt.

Anyone have a recommendation for spots between Winnemucca and West Yellowstone? We are especially interested in a good local lunch or dinner place in Elko, a dinner or breakfast gem in Twin Falls, a lunch place in West Yellowstone and any suggestions for Yellowstone Park. Hints on other fabulous spots along the way are welcome, too!


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  1. Hi-

    Elko would be covered on the Southwest board, please feel free to post a query on Southwest for the Nevada portion of your road trip.

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        But I'd still love to hear about Twin Falls, if anyone has any ideas.

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          In Winnemucca you want to eat at the Martin Hotel. Classic Basque food. A must stop.

          Don't know anything in Twin Falls but would love suggestions- we're driving through there too!

    1. Try the Buffalo Cafe in Twin Falls. It is in the industrial part of Old downtown. I grew up in Twin, and moved to LA, but the Buffalo still is in my memory as a great breakfast. Biscuits and country sausage gravy used to be the bomb.

      Buffalo Cafe
      Twin Falls, Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho

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        About a year ago while visiting Yellowstone, before entering the park we went to Eino's- a cool little spot. Local beef, where you cook it yourself on 2 grills in the back. Had a great porterhouse. If you have no problem preparing the steak, you won't be disappointed. Salads and sides are prepared by the proprietor, a nice woman- forgot her name.

        A short drive to the Western YS entrance, a couple of miles north- I think off 287.

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          When I make the trip from CA to West Yellowstone, I have two "must stops". I always pay my respects to "White King" at the Commercial Hotel in Elko, usually at lunch, and I always have a steak at Eino's.

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            Sounds like some good spots. Thanks so much!

            If anyone else has some other ideas, I welcome them. We aren't leaving until the 11th of July.