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Jun 25, 2009 07:38 PM

salisbury or nearby gift certificate

i am a richmond, VA hound who has a good friend who lives in salisbury MD. lived there about 2 years. i know they travel to rehoboth and to ocean city and other nearby places. anyway i'd love to get her something for her birthday like a gift certificate to a great restaurant or area place., but i know nothing about the area. thanks for ANY help!

oh and for a date type place. i'm looking for the best in the area!

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  1. AMFM, Nage and The Back Porch Cafe are probably Rehoboth's best. For fresh seafood Big Fish is good. Dogfish Head is a popular destination place for visitors here for the brew. The Cultured Pearl is my family's favorite restaurant in Rehoboth.
    You might find these two threads helpful:

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      thanks! she would love cultured pearl! not sure her hubby would want to go with her but may think about it. otherwise nage looks interesting. i appreciate the info!

    2. If you want to go with something in Salisbury, I recommend Restaurant 213 for fine dining. Cactus Taverna in Salisbury has great food, but it's a more casual atmosphere. Liquid Assets (94th street OC) and Galaxy 66 in OC always get rave reviews and both have great good.

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