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Jun 25, 2009 07:30 PM

Backyard Burgers: Tried it?

First thing, Hamburgers are my favorite food. Second, chains are NOT, and I repeat not, the best burgers you can find(in all honesty, this is a food that's better at home unless it's your favorite as then you tend to undercook it due to impatience).

With that said, the best chain hamburgers I've ever found are Backyard Burgers. They even beat out "sit down" restaurants in quality and taste. The Mushroom Swiss is sublime, and I had never found any good ones before it. The meat is big amounts and juicy, not greasy.

Yet, every time I drive by or into one, I'm about the only person there. Why is this? Maybe, just maybe, it's due to their prices being a little higher than the norm, but the burgers are of the quality that makes them more than worth that little extra. You can't go wrong with any of their burgers as it's all high quality. Maybe it's their limited dessert menu, I don't know. I, for one, go get a burger for the burger, not the "hot apple pie" or whatever.

If you've never tried it, give it a shot. If the experience is bad, it's probably due to their worker's incompetence as is the norm with most chains.

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  1. they seem to be everywhere except our normal road trip routes:

    1. I loved BYB and agree that they were definitely worth the extra cost over McDs, Wendys and BK, but the store in the area closed about 8 years ago. and there no locations in Ohio now.

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        My wife is a certified burger snob and it's her fav.

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          BYB is the only chain that Ive ever been to that would cook a burger to medium.

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            I wouldn't say I'm a burger snob as I'll eat lesser burgers. I do draw the line with some places though...Sonic and a local chain "Wards" for 2 that I won't eat at. Wards used to have really good chili burgers but they've gone the cheap route the past 10 years or so.

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            That's a shame. I've a feeling a lot of "lesser" chains are going to be biting the big one due to recession. I hope I'm wrong.

          3. Not impressed with BYB. Ate there once. Didn't really grab me. The one that I ate at is now gone.

            I much prefer 5 Guys or Cheeseburger Cheeseburger.


            1. We lived in Greenville, SC for a year and hated everything about it -- almost. When we moved back home to the Northeast, our last meal was at Back Yard Burgers, and we talked about the fact that it would be the one thing we missed about Greenville. Okay, two -- there was also Little Piggy's BBQ. Okay, three if you count Saskatoon.

              Then a couple years ago, had to visit my mother in the Atlanta area - and her house is less than a mile away from a BYB. The hubby ran a bunch of errands, and I am pretty sure he stopped there on the way out for most of them. (Luckily, he can do that.) He said he will visit my mom, with or without me, any time she needs a hand. It's all about the Back Yard Burgers by her house.

              Anyway, Back Yard Burgers was a favorite -- just great burgers and delicious waffle fries.

              1. i love backyard burgers, theres one in orlando near UCF but I find the same issue that its always empty. Maybe its a marketing thing? i never hear about it , but yeah the burgers taste like theyre made from a backyard grill soo good!!!!