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Jun 25, 2009 07:14 PM

Martha's Vineyard with kids

We will be spending a week in August in Edgartown with 8 year-old twins and are looking for fun, family friendly restaurants. Any ideas or recommendations for lunch and dinner? Thanks!

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  1. I'll give you a list of more reasonable, fun type places kids would like. We started visiting when our boys were 3 and 6, over 25 years ago, and we have owned a home in Edgartown for around 20, so we have some experience. In Edgartown Lattanzi's Pizza is a nice, kid friendly cafe (more than pizza), with good quality. Not open for lunch. David Ryan's pub area is good (upstairs is boring) and Newes From America Pub is very good too. Check for opening times. The Quarterdeck (in back of Seafood Shanty) is decent, but no seating. Sharky's Cantina is good for Tex/Mex things and very reasonable.

    Oak Bluffs has the most deals. Offshore Ale Company (throw the peanut shells on the floor) is fun. Smoke 'N Bones has real good ribs and other barbeque, Sharky's has their smaller original cantina here, Linda Jean's is a passable diner and Giordano's, while not gourmet, has been offering good value for 75 years. Frankly, most of the takeout places along the dock leave me cold.

    In Vineyard Haven do late breakfast at Art Cliff Diner - best on MVI. Black Dog Tavern is almost as good and the interior is interesting. They serve lunch too, but dinner here would be expensive.

    Out in Menemsha the Galley (chowder, lobster rolls, burgers, soft serve) is one of our favorites. You order at the window in front and can eat on their back porch. The Home Port can be a good dinner choice if you order at the takeout window and eat on their front porch. Much better deal than inside.

    Soigne, Humphries and Katam General Store (all Edgartown) do good picnic fare (Humphries also makes the best crullers anywhere). Don't forget to hit the other good food spots like Murdick's Fudge, Chilmark Chocolates and the ice cream places. In my opinion, over time, Mad Martha's still rules.

    Now, if you want to take the twins out with you some night I can easily find some places that can do it for $600.00 or so. Let me know. :)

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      Thank you so much for your lengthy, detailed response. We really appreciate it! Will probably get a sitter a few times, what are your favorite restaurants on the island for couples? Maybe a lobster place on the water?

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        I know the Black Dog Tavern is the big attraction on the island, but I never could figure out why. I 've always found it over-priced and over-rated. You may want to go there out of curiosity (and maybe have a better experience than the times I've been) but over-all you may be disappointed.

        For the family, "Linda Jeans" is quite good - food is inexpensive, yet very filling.

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          Well, there are no specific "lobster shacks" on the water that I know of, but there are 2 places that have pretty water views and outstanding cookery. Beach Plum Inn in Menemsha is excellent all around, as is Outermost Inn in Aquinnah. Both are BYOB, but, all the places I'll mention here offer what I call "professional service" - no teenagers or non English speaking wait staff to muddle your orders. I haven't been to Lure in the Katama area of Edgartown for a number of years, but they are pretty much on the ocean and I think they still have a view.

          The other excellent favorites I would mention are Mediterranean in Oak Bluffs, L'Etoile, Atria, and at a few dollars less- The Grill on Main. Detente has an excellent reputation, but I haven't been. These four are all in Edgartown. The grand dame of Vineyard restauarants is Le Grenier in Vineyard Haven. Chef-owner Dupin is always there it seems to guide you through a wonderful meal. BYOB here too.

          Most of these places have web sites that are worth visiting . You can check for specials they might have a few days ahead. I believe all these places take or require reservations. Not a bad idea if you eat out after say 6 or 7 PM. The one thing that ties these places together are not only quality and service, but consistency. Year in, year out, they perform. There may be people who quibble with one of these restaurants, ( I have a hundred quibbles with many things about Vineyard dining experiences), but overall, these choices will rarely disappoint. Enjoy

      2. A good place for breakfast is the Right Fork at the Katama Airport. Very casual and good choices (try the blueberry pancakes). And the kids will like looking at the bi-planes.

        I recommend Chesca's in Edgartown for dinner - with or without the children.

        1. These are all great comments. Another place in Edgartown that is very kid friendly for breakfast is Espresso Love, located behind the courthouse on Maine Street. They have a big courtyard space which is just lovely to sit in, surrounded by flowers and birds. Lots of kids with their families have breakfast here, starting at 6 am with the early risers. They do have a lot of baked goods, but also have breakfast sandwiches, etc.

          1. My kids (in their 20s now but they grew up on MV year round) were back for the 4th of July and I was reminded of how important a trip to Chilmark Chocolates is with kids. No, it is not a restaurant, but it is a Chowhound favorite! And for my kids, one of their best memories. Just be sure to go on a day when they are open! It's a long trip from Edgartown but well worth it.

            Have fun....that is the main thing.