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Jun 25, 2009 06:09 PM

Our Honeymoon Trip to Paris in July

Hi. We are honeymooning in Paris in early July. It is both of our first trips to Paris, and we both really love and appreciate good food. After much research, we have come up with a food itinerary. We'd be happy to get feedback on our choices.

We arrive super early and will spend the day being tourists. Our plan for lunch is L'As du Falafel. We've heard such amazing things about this little place that we are planning it as our first food stop of the trip. We plan to grab ice cream at Berthillon in the afternoon. We have dinner reservations at Ze Kitchen Galerie. We are looking forward to a fun, unique dining experience.

Tartines at Cuisine de Bar for lunch. Dinner at Josephine Chez Dumonet. We chose Chez Dumonet because we are looking forward to a solid, traditional French dining experience at a local favorite.

A romantic lunch at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower. Dinner at Le Paul Bert. For this meal, we are looking for the best steak frites in the city. We've heard that it's really good.

No lunch plans yet. We are leaving this open for any Chowhound suggestions, or the option to go back to somewhere we already ate and loved. Dinner at Le Biche au Bois.

Again, no lunch plans. We are doing a special dinner at Le Cinq to celebrate our wedding.

We are planning to drive to Ronchamp (an architect's dream) for the day. We'd love any picnic ideas. We are staying near the Champs-Elysees so we'll need places open very early on Sunday morning to pick up breads/cheeses/meats/etc. We'll be back late that night, and plan to have dinner at L’Alelier de Joel Robuchon. We know it's open super late on Sundays, which is apparently rare, and this seems like a solid food choice.

We'll be in town Monday also...any lunch suggestions welcomed!

As for indulgences, we plan to make stops at Laduree and Pierre Hermes for macarons and pastries. Some breakfast ideas include Pâtisserie Viennoise and Breizh Cafe.

Thanks in advance for any comments. We'd love to report back on our also!

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  1. We also plan to grab baguettes at Eric Kayser. We've heard nothing but fantastic things about the baguettes there.

    1. Congratulations on your wedding! And on your research - for first-time visitors you have a really good selection. I think the day you have dinner planned at Le Cinq you should consider a very light lunch or skipping it altogether, you don't want to risk gastric overload. Speaking from experience, our first trip I had lunches and dinners booked and by the second day we were losing our enthusiasm. Re macarons I've heard Mulot can give Laduree and Herme a run for their money. Have a great time!

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        We stayed in the 6th and enjoyed Laduree and Pierre Herme. However, Gerard Mulot was our absolute favorite patisserie. I'm still thinking about the peach tart! Our favorite restaurant was Josephine Chez Dumonet. We took a picture of the grand marnier souffle (need to order in advance). We liked it so much we ate there twice in one week. I'll also suggest getting some camembert from Fromagerie 31 to go with the baguette from Eric Kayser. Also, suggest taking a huge loaf of sourdough from Poilane home. It makes amazing toast. The food hall at Galleries Lafayette was incredible. Angelina's has wonderful hot chocolate. It is very close to the Louvre and is great to stop there for breakfast first. Have a wonderful time.

      2. Congrats! I just got back from my honeymoon to Paris and Barcelona! You have a great list. We did L'as du Falafel the first day and it's fantastic, as is Berthillion. I also highly recommend L'Amorino (gelato place) You must try the Amarena flavor!!

        We would start off our day at Erik Kayser with a pain au sucre (delicious!!) Pierre Herme was fantastic! Went to Laduree too, but preferred Herme.

        I agree with afds-- we had an elaborate food itinerary planned, but felt overloaded. We kept with our dinners, but for breakfast we'd usually grab a brioche and coffee and for lunch a baguette as you'll notice most of the Parisians do.

        One thing I do recommend is going to Gallerie Lafayette, they have a food department with Erik Kayser, Amorino, a wonderful jambon place, lots and lots of choices.

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          Thank you to everyone for your well-wishes and great recommendations. Mulot sounds heavenly, and we will definitely make a trip (or two!) there to indulge ourselves. And the other recs - Galerie Lafayette, Amarena, Angelinas and Fromagerie 31 - all sound wonderful also. We've jotted everything down, and are pretty much ready to hit the ground running in Paris.

          Yeah, with exception to lunch at Le Jules Verne, we were going to try to keep lunches on the lighter side (falafel, tartines, baguettes, etc.), just so we don't burn ourselves out. We've taken a lot of joy in planning this trip, and we really appreciate all of the tips and advice.

          Question: We heard rumors that Berrthillon is closed at some point during August, and possibly July. It looks like the summer holiday is primarily in August, so we figured we'd be ok, but wanted to check with everyone if they've had any experiences with closings in July.

          Again, thank you, thank you. We'll report back after the wonderful honeymoon.

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            I prefer "La Grand Epicerie" in Le Bon Marche department store to the food hall at Galeries Lafayette. I personally thought the produce was a better quality and the layout is nicer, less crowded. It is in the 7eme, a fairly well to do area, and I guess the wealth of the clients drives the quality.

            The rest of the department store is also fantastic, it has a mixture of the latest collections from the established designers and clothes from up and coming ones. A bit like Barney's in NYC?

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              You have a wonderful itinerary--you have clearly done excellent research. Regarding the macaroons, I second (or third?) Gerard Mulot. To my mind, the macaroons are simply exquisite (and I have done quite a bit of research on this). And I second "La Grand Epicerie" as well--just a lovely way to spend a few hours. For lunch, we learned the hard way that it is east to hit gastronomic overload. For our past few trips, we only do cheese, bread, fruit and some wine for lunch. Then we find ourselves with a nice appetite for dinner.

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              There are many places serving Berthillon ice cream on the same street as it: just look for the line-ups.

              1. re: Sui_Mai

                Catandmat: Thank you for your comments. After reading all of the replies, we will definitely be making a special trip to Mulot. And your advice re lunch seems dead on.

                Sui Mai: Sounds like we should have no problem finding Berthillon ice cream!

                We just learned about Be Boulangepicier. The Kayser/Ducasse combo sounds unbeatable. Has anyone been there before?

                1. re: eating good

                  We tried Be in the Spring. It's pleasant but not life-changing for salads, sandwiches, good bread, etc. I would, however, suggest that you try the viennoiserie at Pierre Herme where the croissants and kugelhof are amazing(IMHO far superior to Mulot) but also our new favorite patisserie: Carl Marletti on rue Cencier in the 5th. His tarte citron is superb (almost as good as Herme's) and his eclairs are incredible and that's just for starters!

          2. Creperies in Paris, including Breizh Cafe, do not serve breakfast. The usual opening hour is noon.

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              Congratulations! It's worth a call to Le Jules Verne to request a table next to a window - the view is certainly part of the pleasure. Can't hurt to let them know that you're on your honeymoon. I've been lucky enough to have lunch there with my daughter when she was 9 years old and again at age 18 - we'd both like to make this a tradition and have lunch together there together at least every nine years!