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Jun 25, 2009 05:36 PM

Anyone been to Dolce Vita in Bridgeport lately?

We went fairly often a few years ago and loved it. The last few times we were there, quality was down a bit and they started serving Mexican food, instead of just sticking with Italian food, which is what they were known for. It was like a "Jump the Shark" move. Anyone been lately? Is it worth going back? Are they even still around?

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  1. There's a restaurant in Bridgeport? Never heard of it. Where is or was it?

    Bridgeport does not come to mind as a dining locale. What else is over there that I might be missing?

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      I think it was on DeKalb Pike. It was actually in a residential home, which was a bit of the charm of the place. They did not change the layout of the house at all. They actually had the kitchen in the house still, and set up a table in there (the working kitchen was in the back). The walls were covered in old family photos, it was really cute.

    2. I don't know of the current status of the restaurant, but a friend of mine had mentioned that the owner and his wife had some personal issues. I think he had a mistress who attempted to blackmail him and then he may have killed himself. Not sure what happened to the restaurant, though.

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        Welcome to CHOW, derezzed! What an unfortunately macabre first post response to our site.

        I'm curious to know how your friend's speculation of such intrigue of alleged blackmail and suicide completely escaped the media. Please tell us more.

      2. Hi AmblerGirl,

        I've only been there once, and it was Christmas 2007 so not exactly last week, but the food was good...not necessarily great, though. The owner (the gentleman) said that his wife was cooking in the back, and he was a very gracious host to our party. He explained that his wife was of Hispanic decent and was willing to make Mexican dishes in addition to the Italian that were listed on the menu. It seems very plausible that they switched to all Mexican given this, though it seems as if perhaps a name change would be appropriate. Sorry I don't know more!