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Jun 25, 2009 04:46 PM

First Anniversary Celebration Recs

My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning something to do for our first anniversary. We moved up to the Boston area in early August of last year and have been pretty budget-friendly ever since, especially since we had to buy all new furniture and things like that. Now we are looking to live it up for a day/night and do something really nice for our anniversary. We will be coming in to the city on the rail line from Ashland, so we're looking to stay more in the Back Bay/South Station area. Also, we don't want to COMPLETELY break the bank (but we can still do something relatively nice). We're both fairly picky eaters (my husband more so than I), so we don't want something incredibly off-the-wall.

Any help you foodies could give would be great! Our anniversary falls on a Sunday, so I guess keep that in mind since I've seen restaurants not open on Sundays. We can do any meal time also. Thanks! :-)

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  1. Mistral. They are even offering a prix fixe menu on Sundays now. And their portions are fairly large for such a nice place, so you can easily share an appetizer (the steak flatbread would be my pick) and/or dessert.

    1. Rowes' Wharf is fabulous food and if it's nice weather you can eat outside on the Harbor, which is beautiful. Troquet is great food, great wine with suggested pairings and wines by the glass and half-glass. If you sit in front you have a beautiful picture-window view out on the Common.

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        Troquet is pretty $$$. I agree with the Hamersley's rec and Mistral wouldn't be too crazy a scene on a Sun. You could easily walk over to Union, Banq or Sage from the Back Bay. There's another Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Sq. It's cute and very well priced, fairly well liked on the board.

      2. What about Hammersly's Bistro in the South End? It is a short walk from Back Bay station and they have a wonderful patio. They serve a prix-fixe dinner for $42.00. I'm also partial to Petit Robert in the South End.

        1. Brasserie Jo in the Colonade Hotel down on Huntington Ave. across from the Prudential Center is a good choice. Good French food without being millions of dollars. it's a little pricey, at about $24 a plate, but their wine selection is excellent, and the service is very good, too (although last time I was there, my boyfriend had to make a small complaint before we got the best service of our lives.. don't let the waitstaff ignore you, they're capable of much better than that!) The steak-frites is amazing.
          If you're into something a little spicier, Kashmir (Indian Cuisine) on Newbury St. is a good choice. For good steaks, pastas, and salads, go to Charley's on Newbury St. (this is the area you want to go to for fine dining). Charley's has amazing food and pretty good service, but it can get a bit noisy in there.

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            Charley's? You have got to be kidding.

            1. Some good recs so far, although some of them are a bit more money than we want to spend. With me not working (not by choice, mind you), I don't want to put too big of a dent in my husband's wallet. If people could focus their recs on the maybe, let's say, $40/person or less range, that would be majorly helpful. Thanks! :-)

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                Kouzina, The Blue Room, and Erbaluce are worth checking out.

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                  $40/pp for the entire dinner or for the entrée? $40/pp for the entire dinner might be tight if you want to "live it up" as you mentioned in your first post. You could do glasses of wine instead of a bottle, which should help. For a delicious and reasonably priced dinner that would be close to $40/pp (app & split a dessert) Kouzina in Newton is wonderful. You can also be a little careful at Gaslight in the South End and come out at that price range. Maybe Rocca too, but I have not been impressed there. But in my experience, nice-ish places in the city will end up being somewhere around $140 for 2 if you include a bottle of wine, app, entrée and dessert.

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                    Gaslight can definitely be done in this range and feels kind of fun and celebratory. Petit Robert Bistro is all <$20. Grotto on Beacon Hill has 3 courses for ~$33. Lots of places have good deals Sun-Thurs. for prix fixe including Mistral for $35 which would be nice assuming you like the choices offered.