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Jun 25, 2009 04:43 PM

Dinner Recommendation? -- Covina to San Bernadino Area

A friend of mine is flying into the area for business next week. Will be staying in Covina and visiting UC Riverside for some meetings.

I would like to take him to dinner at a good -- but reasonably priced -- place that's locally owned and that has something different to offer. Completely open on types of food.


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  1. see response to Palm Springs question above

    1. Restaurant Omakase in Riverside has gotten rave reviews for their fusion style cuisine. The American chef there gets all of his ingredients locally, and it's not super-expensive. It's not entirely Asian-style food, either. I think this might fit the bill.

      Restaurant Omakase
      3720 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

      1. Tutto Mangia ~~ Claremont

        Harvard Square ~~ Claremont

        both in the original Village

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          While both Tutti Mangia and Harvard Square are nice restaurants, I don't really see they offering anything "different", as they're both pretty standard fare. So I find them a bit boring although I do eat at both since I work by the village. But if pdn2 is looking for something different, I might not recommend those places first.

          I'd say the best and most interesting restaurant in the area right now is Owen's Bistro in Chino ( And if you wanted something lively, I'd say Viva Madrid ( in the village in Claremont. A lot of fun but can be crowed and loud (which I think is part of the fun).

          Just my 2 cents.

        2. In Covina,

          Townsent for Chinese
          Hayakawa for Japanese.
          BJs for beer and bar food.
          Petrillos in Glendora for Pizza

          1. Thank you to everyone -- these all look like great picks! I'm going to visit at least a few of them myself after reading some of the reivews. You've moved me off dummy to being able to make some decent recommendations to my friend.