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Jun 25, 2009 03:27 PM

Breakfast near Alemeny Flea Market?

Have to drop my nephew at sfo at 5:30 am Sunday. Where can I eat a good breakfast and kill an hour before the Alemeny Flea Market opens?

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  1. I can't think of any 24-hour or early morning places out that way except Silver Crest Donuts (diner).

    Frankly for that early on a Sunday, I think eating at SFO would be better option, park once and more options.

    Here's a list of places and hours. Quite a few for 5:30 a.m.

    1. Tyger's or HIgher Grounds in Glen Park may be open at 6am.
      Al's Cafe Good Food on Mission and 29th is close enough. No idea when they open.

      1. JoAnn's cafe in San bruno opens at 7:30. Good food and a safe neighborhood.

        Jo Ann's Cafe on El Camino in South SF. Opens at 7:30, good food and safe neighborhood.

        1131 El Camino Real
        S San Francisco, CA 94080-3207
        (650) 872-2810‎

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          Al's near Cortland on Mission has very good breakfast and opens early. A few min. away from market. Liberty Cafe bakery opens later , also Martha's on Cortland for light breakfast.

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            Good recommendation and my first thought when I found out about the trip, but they told me over the phone they don't open until 8 and I need to eat at 6.

            Is JoAnn still there, making muffins?

          2. Isn't there a 24-hour IHOP on the frontage past the big United facility, near the Grosvenor Inn (Elephant Bar)? Don't eat at the airport! San Bruno Avenue in San Bruno may have a breakfast place (Artichoke Joe's?) or along el Camino in Millbrae/San Bruno.
            See you at the flea market! There are 2 Mexican/Salvadorean booths, but I don't know when they open up. The dealers eat their food, so it must be early!

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              it's not all that early. I once went early, hoping to pick up a bunch of tamales to go, and they weren't open or set up yet.

              There is a very good diner on Grand Ave in South San Francisco: similar types of breakfast as Al's, but much better and friendlier in my opinion. Has been there forever. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name, and for some reason google doesn't want to help me find it. Anyway, it is on the south side of Grand Ave, right in downtown South San Francisco. Don't know when it opens, but I suspect it is early. We found it when looking for a place to kill some time after a morning airport run....perhaps some of the hounds can help me out with a name..

              1. re: susancinsf

                found it! remembered it was a name...and that gave me the clue I needed.

                It is Ed's Diner. Very old-fashioned, opened for years, probably hasn't changed much. Red fake leather booths, the whole bit. Good hash browns and pancakes, and they know how to make eggs over easy. Unfortunately, couldn't find any info on opening time, but you could call them.

                Ed's Diner
                348 Grand Ave S, San Francisco, CA