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Jun 25, 2009 02:57 PM

Relatively new must-try SEA

Having recently returned from almost 2 years overseas, I'm interested in a fairly comprehensive list of what has opened since then and is delicious. I have already been to Quinn's, that Spanish place on Capitol Hill in the Loveless Building, Txori, and Spur.

I've heard there are 2 new pizza places and 2 new sushi places in Ballard as well as Poppy, Anchovies etc., and Rancho bravo on Cap Hill. Downtown - Some place named after a fish where Wasabi Bistro used to be, and Kerry Sear's new hotel digs (although Cascadia always seemed like a disappointment, so I'm not going to rush there). What else is recent?

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  1. There are actually at least 5 new (within the last couple of years) pizza places in Ballard: Zayda Buddies, Veraci, Snooze Junction, 'Zaw, and Via Verde...and 3 new sushi places: Oshan, Skiku and Moshi. Yikes.

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      To be clear though, Veraci is only one of the mentioned pizza places I would recommend.
      (though I'm looking forward to Delancy...)

      (haven't been to any of the sushi places)

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        Forgot Palermo when it comes to Pizza. =)

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          I haven't had pizza at ZB, but didn't like the sandwich and apps I did have. The one time I've eaten SJ pizza it was totally burned on the bottom. I enjoyed a pizza at Via Verde when it first opened. Sad to see the Market Street Grill close. I did forget Palermo, but I don't think I've been there.

          Of the sushi places, I've only tried Oshan, and I liked it. Tiny little place and weird blue lighting, but really nice servers and yummy food. I've had their maki, nigiri, udon and tempura, and enjoyed all of them. The fish quality was much higher than I expected from a little place in Ballard. Haven't gotten to the other sushi places yet.

          I did see a new greek place on 20th, a block off of market where the thai place used to be and across from what used to be the pattypan grill (which is now some kind of burger place). It looks good - has anyone tried it?

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            Zayda Buddies is a great bar/pizza place. Great service and good food. If you want to hang out with your friends for a couple of hours and get some pizza... this is the place.

            Zayda Buddy's Pizza
            5404 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, WA

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              Do any of the Ballard pizzarias do by-the-slice at lunchtime?

              1. re: equinoise

                I think Veraci and Snooze Junction do by the slice. Via Verde's pizzas are 1-2 person size. Zaw only does take&bake (they don't cook the pizza but they will deliver the raw pizza).

            2. How to Cook a Wolf on Queen Anne. Tilth in Wallingford (I forget how old it is). The Corson Building by Matt Dillon of Sitka & Spruce. I really like Betty on Queen Anne but it's not a food destination. Pair in the U District.

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                Tilth is pretty old, 3 or 4 years?, and Betty opened right before I left, tried it at a few weeks old. But I was on QA yesterday and noticed that Betty and Crow are continuing their $30 prix fixe indefinitely, so that might be a good excuse to go back. Pair's online menu looks tasty, might even be worth the trek to Ravenna.

                Thanks for the additions to my list.

              2. My moshi sushi exprience was tasty- give it a try if you are in the neighborhood- Their gin drinks are good*

                1. Hmm--recent? Anchovies and Olives is OK (though I like How to Cook a Wolf, another Ethan Stowall restaurant in addition to Union and Tavolata better)--big cheffy scene at Anchovies and Olives. I liked Olivar (that place in Capitol Hill/Lovelace Building) and I would definitely try Poppy (Jerry Traunfield's new Indian restaurant in Capitol Hill--really liked it, but you don't have a lot of choice beyond meat/vegetarian plate). I've heard very good things about Corson Building (by Sitka and Spruce folks--also a very good restaurant). I don't know if Green Leaf is new since you've went away (our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the ID), and you should try Samarai Noodle for pretty good ramen (I don't recommend Boom Noodle for ramen--though much like Wagamama in London) in ID. I've tried Spinaci early on, and found it overpriced though pasta very good. Loved Quinns, but not for vegetarians or people who don't love meat/fried foods/fat (I do!). I think the new restaurant at the Art Museum is OK but not great. IMO best pizza and salads at Tutta Bella (Columbia City)--I like it better than Veraci pizza and Serious Pie (Tom Douglas' pizza place). Overall, unfortunately, I don't think there have been that many great new restaurants in the past 2 years--perhaps Poppy would be at the top of the list). I don't know if Barolo is that new, but I like it for italian/atmosphere (good pastas).

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                    Just tried Veraci's prosciutto and asparagus pie. Good pie. Low on atmosphere as far as dining in. Will try again.

                    I love Sitka & Spruce but am not so into the communal dining thing so will probably skip Corson.

                    What/where is Spinaci?

                    Thanks for your suggestions. I know several places have closed and not a lot have opened, just trying to get back in the loop.

                    1. re: babette feasts

                      I think they mean Spinasse, Justin Neidermeyer's fairly new restaurant:

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                          Not mentioned above, relatively new, and quite good are Spring Hill in West Seattle, and Branzino in Belltown.

                          Haven't really experienced the Ballard pizza explosion, but I really like Flying Squirrel in Seward Park, which opened about 6 months ago.

                          Also noteworthy in the past year is the proliferation of mobile street food vendors. I tried both Skillet and Marination Station quite recently and was stunned by the quality and value. I am eager to try Paladar Cubano, the new Cuban truck on 90th and Aurora.

                          Spring Hill Restaurant & Bar
                          4437 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

                          2429 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

                          Paladar Cubano Catering Company
                          8953 Aurora Ave North, Seattle, WA

                          1. re: equinoise

                            Branzino - that was the name that was escaping me, Wasabi Bistro is still where it is, there was some other Japanese restaurant on that corner.

                            A cubano sounds pretty tasty right about now, definitely a must try.


                            1. re: babette feasts

                              For a Cubano, it would be hard to beat Paseo. They added a location near Golden Gardens, too.

                              1. re: cocktailhour

                                Paseo does not make a real Cuban sandwich.
                                It's good but it's not a cuban sandwich!!!

                                1. re: GreenYoshi

                                  True. I should have just said that make a sandwich called a Cuban Roast that is one of the best sandwiches in Seattle!

                                  1. re: cocktailhour

                                    They have a pressed sandwich too. Midnight Cuban Press: Cuban roast pork nestled atop sweet banana peppers, draped w/ sheer slices of smoked ham & Swiss cheese melted between a hot press.

                            2. re: equinoise

                              Thanks for the tip about PCCC. I'm excited to try it!

                              Tracked down their website, which includes menu, hours, and contact number:


                    2. I say steer clear of Zayda Buddy's: I found the food to be pretty disgusting. But I am not a fan of frozen tater tots atop gray beef, covered in a stiff layer of Velveeta.

                      I also love How to Cook a Wolf and have you tried Tavolata in Belltown? I haven't tried it yet, but my food loving friends are raving about Spur.