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Jun 25, 2009 02:50 PM

Your favorites in SD County for an ethnic breakfast...

After reading yet another breakfast post for SD, it occurred to me that we could really benefit from, or at least I can, hearing a discussion of your favorite ethnic breakfast spots. Sure I can take an American breakfast from time to time, but honestly I find most offerings to be too worn out to get all excited about - seems like it's always the same tired old pancakes, waffles, bacon and eggs.

So what are your favorite spots and dishes for an ethnic breakfast out?

I'd personally kill for the chance to have a Japanese breakfast option anywhere in San Diego, but I don't expect one to be available anytime soon. So I know that most pho shops are open for breakfast, and so is Sam Woo. I've had my share of Pho, Congee, Chillaquiles or Menudo for breakfast, and of course there's always Dim Sum for brunch, but am I missing on any other obvious choices?

What are your favorite morning destination for an ethnic breakfast? And who does it particularly well to the point where the breakfast has become their specialty?

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  1. My fav breakfast is won ton soup at Sam Woo. Great deal for $3.75.

    1. In the Philippines, nothing really goes to waste and since rice is a staple at most meals, last evening's dinner carries over to the next morning's "almusal" or breakfast. Leftover rice is fried to a sticky consistency with garlic and salt and paired together with some type of "tapa" -thinly sliced, seasoned beef or "tocino" -sweet, marinated pork and served with fried egg. Add a Filipino version of chutney or pickles, usually chopped tomatoes and onion, on the side and you have breakfast. Together, this combo is known as Tapsilog, and yes...not for the faint of heart (pun intended!).

      San Diego has a couple of "point-point" places you can have this kind of breakfast fare, mostly congregated around Mira Mesa and National City. There's Conching's Cafe, Valerio's Bakeries, Point-Point Joint and Christy's Bakery...too many to name. This kind of food is meant to be eaten early and right before your basketball game, construction job or the plowing of the field...but whatever you do, don't eat this kind of breakfast then sit behind a computer.

      Homemade tapsilog is still the best because I have control over the salt and grease content.

      1. Las Cuatro Milpas is one of my favorite spots for breakfast..

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          Yes! See you there Sat. mornings for their outstanding white menudo. They run out after 9am. Darn people bringing their pots like its a gas station! :)

        2. Super Cocina for chilaquiles. Mmmmm.......

          1. I'm kind of new to SD, so does anyone know of any good places doing rice, eggs, and spam? Kind of a Hawaiian breakfast.

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              I use to go to Da Kitchen in Mira Mesa, but that closed long ago. Da Kines Plate lunch in Liberty Station is the closest thing to familiar island-style plate lunch you'll find...however, check this out for more expert references in what you are looking for. I could never eat as much plate lunch as mmm-yoso.