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Jun 25, 2009 01:25 PM

Helene Darroze lunch special

Please dont shoot the messenger.

I have not been or have any proof of this even being true but I read this on another forum so here goes.

lunch special at Helene Darroze. 3 hot and 3 cold Tapas plus Desert for 25 euros. Wine at 6 to 10 euro per glass

no mention of this on her site.

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  1. why not email the restaurant?

    seems a little light on price wise, but you never know.

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    1. re: batfink23

      Helene Darroze has two restaurants in the same location. The gastronomic restaurant is upstairs the Salon d'Helene is downstairs, is a tapas style place, my guess is that this special is for the Salon.