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Jun 25, 2009 01:25 PM

Bitoque, St.Henri

Bitoque is a BYOW on Notre Dame. I read the review in the Gazette so... My wife and I went by Bitoque earlier this week. I REALLY hope this place makes it. It is by far the most fun and reasonably priced restaurant in St.Henri and Westmount, and maybe even NDG.

I took the lamb, which was up to par of places like Au Petit Extra. My wife took the shrimp and scallops, the sauce was amazing... I even ate the shrimp tail to the horror of my wife. The serving sizes were good for the price. The tapas were definitely delicious and unique... but I would hesitate to recommend this place as a tapas bar as I have heard some people do.

The staff was great; really friendly and accommodating.
Along with Gracia Afrika and Ecosushi., Bitoque has made this little stretch of Notre Dame one of the places to get the least pretentious service, best food, and best all around restaurant experiences west of Atwater Ave.

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  1. Since when is it BYOB? When I went there a year or two ago they had a wine list.

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    1. Haven't been to Bitoque since it reopened as a BYOB last autumn, but I work in the area and your report positive report confirms what I've heard from colleagues and friends who live in the 'hood.

      Still surprised that Bitoque's neighbour never appears in discussions of St-Henri and Sud-Ouest restos: le Sans Menu. Market-fresh bistro fare, with interest for anyone who likes les abats. Retro decor borders on the absurd, but it's irony-free. Short, accessible wine list. Mains in the 18$-$25 range. Above all, unpretentious, with expert service. [3714, rue Notre-Dame O, 514.933.4782. No website.]

      1. I've been to Bitoque last month. I had the pork ribs and it was delicious. Plus the staff was super friendly. I second sapaloe in his post and recommend this BYOB.

        1. The Bouillabaisse is one of the best I have ever had a delicious broth laden with seafood and cod and scallops also notable is the Piri Piri Shrimp and the Portuguese Sausage on a small vegetable omelette. Service is friendly and prompt and they did change their liquor permit recently to BYOB which brings great value to a great little local resto.

          1. was there last month and the lamb was yummy. So was their grilled chicken. We were there with 40-50 people from DH's work and they managed to serve hot main dishes to everyone at the same time. The owners are very friendly.

            My 3 year old uncharactaristically managed to knock a glass of water into his main as the waiter was serving the food. It was immediately wisked away and they provided a replacement in record time. (I blame the incident on a couple of adults that were encouraging him to misbehave)